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Zues and Athena ate their first meal!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NeonTetraFan, Feb 28, 2005.


Should I start feeding Zues Weanlings?

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  1. NeonTetraFan

    NeonTetraFan Elite Member

    I am so happy! Last night, Zues and Athena ate their first meal! Zues and Athena are 2 Captive-Bred Ball Pythons. First to be fed was Zues. I fed him a Hopper because his mouth isnt big enough for a weanling yet. As soon as the mouse got in there he did a sharp turn and did a 1 strike kill. It took him 10 minutes to figure out how to swallow it because he tried to eat it sideways, then ate it head first. After 2 hours I took him out of the feeding tub and put him back home. Next was Athena. I put a Weanling in with her and about 5 minutes later she found it. Long chase, but she nailed it. After she got it, she held it in her mouth for about 30 secs because it was still alive. She ate that mouse in less than 10 minutes. 1 Hour later I put her back in. Today I will be moving both of them to a brand new 55 Gallon. I read the 35 Gallon Hex had little floor space (and I agree with that). Some people told me they shouldn't live together, but I see no problem because they acually stay balled up together and never once have they ever nipped each other. They are both 4 months old from the same litter. I love them so much!
  2. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    I had to read this thread because we have some snakes called Zeus and Athena too! :p

    Congratulations on your BPs eating, how long has it been? I haven't made a vote as I don't know how big the snake is or whether he can handle a weaner, although a common rule to go by is to feed something up to one and a half times the thickest part of the snake. If you thought a weaner was too big for his last meal though then I suspect he isn't ready :confused:

    Also, have you thought about moving them onto f/t food? It is much safer than live food, and may be a difficult transition to make at first but there are plenty of tricks you can try,.

    Good luck, and post some pics if you can :)
  3. NeonTetraFan

    NeonTetraFan Elite Member

    Thanks! I do not know how long it has been since they last ate, but know it was longer than 7 days ago because they have not gone to the bathroom at the petshop or in my care. Athena had no problem eating the weanling, so I will feed them weanlings instead of hoppers.

    I am going to stick to live for awhile. The petshop I go to (Owner has 40 years experience) feeds all his snakes live. I am constantly watching during feeding to make sure the mouse is nowhere near the eyes. I have heavy duty work gloves and custom tools for back-up.

    No problem. Coming up soon.
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Just because he has gotten away with it doesn't meant that it is the best thing to do. Many people are reluctant to change their ways even if it is in the best interest of the snake. It would be best to get the snake feeding on prekilled or frozen thawed now before it gets to set in its habits. It will be much easier. And later on when you have to move up to rats it will be MUCH safer.
    I'm sorry but when an accident occurs it will happen far too fast for you to prevent it. Nobody's THAT quick! This is a case where an animal will suddenly be fighting for its life and there is no way you are anywhere near fast enough to prevent it doing whatever it can to save itself.
    I once thought as you do, that I could prevent an accident. All that changed the first time I saw a mouse sink its teeth into the snake and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. Thats all it took.
  5. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    I read that a rat killed a Burmese python with one lucky bite through the top of it's head. The owner found the snake dead and only a few tiny holes in it's skull to show for it!
    Check out this link if you still have doubts or questions about why and how to feed f/t:

    With a lot of effort I got my 5 month old BP converted to f/t mice and then it didn't take long at all to convert him to f/t pinkie rats. (I had to scent the pinkie rats with a mouse at first, but last night he took it without "scenting"!!!) Yay!!!

    PS -- my BP got tapeworms from eating live mice and the vet bills to get it treated cost me more than I paid for the snake!!
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