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Zac Off His Feed?

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by alliperry7, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. alliperry7

    alliperry7 Member

    Hey all,

    So Zac has been an EXCELLENT feeder for my husband and I. He's only ever turned down one meal and that was when we first turned him from mice to rats. Since then he eats a large rat once every 7-9 days. We usually read his behavior and wait until he comes out to "hunt" and only offer the food to him then.

    Unfortunately, its been 2 weeks since his last meal. One week went by, he came out to hunt as per usual. We offered him a f/t large rat like usual and he looked very interested ('s' pattern, tongue going crazy) but he seemed to be turned off when he got close enough to it. He ended up turning away and retreating to his hide.

    We decided to allow a few days to go by and offer another rat. We also got fresh mice bedding to scent it with as this helped when we first converted him.

    Again, he is acting incredibly interested in eating. He usually perches on his log when he's ready to eat and there he was. We offered a rat and same thing. He just sniffs it for a while and turns away. He continues to be active and interested but doesn't seem interested in eating.

    Is it possible somethings wrong with these particular rats? We did buy these from a different pet supply but he's eaten one before with no problem.

    Should we be concerned? I know balls can sometimes for no reason go off feeding but he genuinely seems interested and hungry just disappointed with what's presented.

    What should we do??

  2. TamJam

    TamJam Elite Member

    I am replying because I don't see any other replies to your query!!!

    Anyway I would not worry. Maybe the rats are "off" and he knows it, so you need to find another source of supply. Also maybe you are feeding him too much too often. How old is he and what size? After a year old or so they only need to be offered a meal every two weeks or even three weeks depending on their health and readiness, also depending on the temperatures and humidity levels in the enclosure, are those correct? If the snake is too cold he will not eat, or if he does he will likely vomit and that is the start of a big problem.

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