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young beardie boring aquarium

Discussion in 'Cage Furniture - Accessories' started by chrisandbk, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. chrisandbk

    chrisandbk Active Member

    hello all
    i know that a young beardies home should be kept simple but ours is just plain boring spike has a rock for basking and a food bowl and thats about it. i am afraid of putting any wood or climbing things in there because spike only has one foot and may not be able to climb well, so i guess what im asking is for some of you creative genius' out there to give me some suggestions for spike he just looks so bored and is always trying to dig his way out of the glass lol
    any pictures would be helpful
  2. geckoguy14

    geckoguy14 Elite Member

    how about some slabs of corkbark and plastic plants? I know that petco sells fake cactus with soft spines. You could try making it look like a desert vivarium. How did he lose his other 3 feet?
  3. Mark

    Mark Elite Member

    Something I just quickly thought of for this, no clue if it will actually work as I am not used to this small -- I keep an iguana who is much bigger than your beardie will ever get.

    Cheap and easy to clean.

    Take a somewhat large piece of burlap and make it into an interesting shape -- wad it up, twist it, tie it, hang it, drape it, etc. This will make the fabric into an object with a bunch of holes, crevices to crawl into, and places to climb onto while being easy to grip but still a soft landing pad. If you have means to sew it make pillows of a bunch of shapes and sizes and stuff them with wadded up burlap or other another pillow made of finer fabric like canvas to hold the filling.

    If you are really ambitious you could work some heavy insulated wire into the weave so that the fabric will start to take and hold a shape.

    I say burlap here but any fabric with a relatively open knit, weave, or crotchet would work.

    I have used burlap and canvas in my iguana cage for 4 years now with great luck. I cover ramps and shelves with burlap as it is so easy to grip with claws. As long as the fabric is the same distance away from lighting and the lizard safely is there is little no fire risk, if any.
  4. chrisandbk

    chrisandbk Active Member

    spike was kept with some larger beardies at the pet store and they ate them thinking they were food i guess. he does get around real well but he doesnt have toes to grip with except for the one foot. i may try the burlap thing.
  5. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    You might also try making some ramps and shelves from flat peices of flat rough textured stones. You could epoxy them together so that they couldn't fall. The ramps could circle the sides and back of tank coming back to ground level on both ends. This would also enable you to have a basking platform closer to the heat and UV source.
  6. mike420

    mike420 Member

    I made some stairs out of slate that I cleaned very well that lead up to my beardies hammoc. I also have a fake plastic plant in the corner, and a piece of slate for her to bask on. I also hot glued the slate stairs together so they wouldnt fall over. Heres her cage.


  7. jmherp

    jmherp Elite Member

    if all he has is a basking area, you may as well give him a hiding area, half logs make a great hiding place...

    Doesnt look like Petsmart offers them online, atleast not right now, but im sure they will have them in stock...

    you can see some of them in this picture...
  8. chpllshw

    chpllshw Member

    thats a nice setup above. You could also get some styrafoam and some grout and make your own designs that are perfect for your lizard
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