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Yet Another Monster Build 8x4x4 - X2

Discussion in 'General Construction' started by TJOHNSON722, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. TJOHNSON722

    TJOHNSON722 Elite Member

    Hello everyone. Thought I would make a quick thread about the monster cages my hubby is building for me. I'm kinda like the supervisor or foreman. Lol.

    Anyways, what we did was picked a corner spot in our basement. Attached a header board like you would do a deck on back of a house. 2 sides of the cages are the basement walls. We enclosed the top and bottom and sides attaching it to both the ceiling aka my floors and concrete. This thing will literally not move an inch. The wood is all 2x3 instead of 2x4 and we get free wood palletts that are 4 feet so half the wood is from that.

    Pictures are progression of build. It's all been done so far in about a week. (See we can hustle if we want). Super easy.

    Heating will be flexwatt over snap and lock flooring like other cages I built. Using a day light also. We have oil heaters downstairs to help keep room temps up until we install the add on wood burning furnace. It stays about 65-70 without all of it in winter. The wood burning stove will pipe into the exsisting ductwork while simultaneously heating basement. I'll literally be able to almost turn heating off or barely use it.

    For the doors, we actually bought a full view glass door (really cheap at 50.00 if you know where to look). It's one that has 2 pieces of glass instead of one well tear it apart for the glass then build frames and attach. Total project about 150.00ish.

    Project #2: Were also getting these free wooden boxes this week that are 8x3x3 (were getting 15 of them for FREE!!) We plan on building doors and then putting seperators at various lengths (4 ft, 5 ft, etc or just using all 8 feet on some). Can you say awesome. Just order enough heat tape for heat, linoleum for sides and snap and lock flooring for bottom and viola well have a lot of cages. Many cool changes coming!

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  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Looking good.
    Although you might want to add a little height in the middle to allow for growth of the girls! ;)
  3. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Looks like fun. I LOVE building stuff.
    Maybe I should know this. But what is it for?
  4. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Are all these cages for your fostering?
  5. TJOHNSON722

    TJOHNSON722 Elite Member

    Yes some are for fostering, we plan on adopting the 13 ft albino burm. I was going to leave the second open for emergency use, or to lock up my 2 brats. Lol. The rest, the 15 were getting for free, well probably use. I would eventually like to try my hand at a Tegu or monitor but that's well into the future. Well give half to the owner of the rescue because the rescue is looking for a permenant place to house the more adoptable ones. Use/modify the others for either feeder rabbit cages, emergency cages, or regular housing.

    One thing we talked about with the owner was that we love the big snakes which is what he needs help with now due to this new law senate bill 310. So, its my understanding we may get majority until were full or overwhelmed of the big ones as cages get built. I may end up like David McConnelly (I think I spelled his name right) were working on starting breeding our own rabbits for that. Those cages will be next. I'm just lucky my husband used to breed rabbits as a teen.

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