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Yemen chameleon egg laying trouble!

Discussion in 'Chameleons' started by Joeatsdough, May 16, 2013.

  1. Joeatsdough

    Joeatsdough New Member

    Hello everyone!
    Just looking for any advice/help...
    My 7.5 month old female yemen chameleon verde is full up with eggs.. It's her first time laying, and she is my first reptile, I have provided her with a large box filled with sand, of which I keep damp, it is roughly 15inches wide, 7 inches deep. She has not been mated and you can clearly see her eggs bulging out the side of her back-end and can feel The rounded shape balls inside her. I have clearly been able to see the eggs for about 3 days now however she has been acting Different for a while now (1 month ISH) I suspected eggs then so that's when I put the sand in however I have only been seeing clear signs of eggs very recently (last 2 days) she often goes down to the bottom of the tank and walks around in the sand however she has not shown any signs of trying to dig in order to lay eggs.. She's gone off her food and drinks and awful lot more water than she did before... Has anyone got any advice that could help me help her to lay her eggs? Incredibly greatfull for ANY advice, thankyou all very much!

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