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Yellow Mud Turtle

Discussion in 'Turtles' started by Komododragon12, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Komododragon12

    Komododragon12 Elite Member

    Hey everybody! I own a yellow mud turtle and was looking for some care info on it. I've had him for 5 years now, and he seems to be doing good. I keep him in a 20 gallon enclosure and keep the water level about 2-4 inches. He has a basking spot and a few artificial plants. He also has a filter. I keep the water about room temperature. Here's some pics:
    003.jpg 012.jpg 017.jpg 020.jpg 028.jpg 029.jpg
  2. MadDog

    MadDog Elite Member

    He's a cute little guy! One quick little question... the darker coloration towards the end of his shell, is that just his shell color or did something happen to him?
  3. Komododragon12

    Komododragon12 Elite Member

    I got him from my neighbor. He was going to college and couldn't keep him anymore, so I adopted him. He foud him in texas, I believe. Of course, i can't drive the turtle to texas and let him go. So I kept him. He's probably been hit by a motorboat once or twice, cause he has a few scrapes on his shell and a little chunk missing on the edge. The dark spot is algae growth.

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