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Yearling JCP Female

Discussion in 'Carpet/Diamond Pythons' started by Kimber13, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Kimber13

    Kimber13 Member

    Hey there, currently new to the forums. I recently purchased in July a year old JCP. She's gorgeous and love her colours. But she has serious aggressive issues. Prior to getting her she was never handled and was in a rack. I currently have her in a 40 gallon breeder with a larger water bowl in the middle and a hide on the warm end and a hide on cooler side. Temps are all fine and her substrate is jungle mix. She has plenty of vines and climbers that she loves to chill on and CHE that's on a Herpstat. All temps/humidity are perf. She's eating a weanling rat every 2 weeks. I think she's roughly 3 ft.

    Ok now here's the question, when I first picked her up in July she would bite me at least 5-10 times. I wore gloves and a sweater so wasn't phased. I think I'm making progress, everytime I open the cage she lines me up but doesn't strike the glove, should I start without the glove now or would that just put me back? Once I get her out I can remove both gloves and her just move around my hands, until someone walks in that she lines them up, I can handle her for 10-15 min until she starts acting flighty. If she's hiding should I uncover her and grab her or wait til she out on her perch? I love her markings just not a fan of the attitude.
    Hoping she grows outa it!

    Also could anyone help me figure out what kinda carpet python this is. The shop I got it at didn't tell me the sex or sub species. They were feeding it a mouse fuzz ever week, now he's currently on rat fuzz because he was scarfing at least 3 mouse fuzz every week once it got back home. Right now I say it's a he and named him Oogie, but for all I know it could be a female lol.

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  2. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    Welcome to HC! She's really beautiful! Good call on moving her up to rats.
  3. Pituophis

    Pituophis Active Member

    Hi there, first off its a beautiful jungle you have there!! who was the breeder?

    And not so long ago I was in the same situation as you as i bought a yearling female from a breeder who had limited interaction with people prior to my purchase. And to be honest I'm jealous yours is so friendly haha when i first got my girl it was full on assault, non stop biting, musing, defecating, you name it. Taking her out of her enclosure was a chore and a very messy affair. I tried frequent short handling sessions and they seemed to make the problem worse. I have never used gloves with her as i feel it is a waste of time, they need to understand your hands are warm blooded yes however you are not there to eat them. over the past two months i have lessened handling attempts to once or twice a week and focused on making sure husbandry is correct and eating is on schedule. My friend also has a JCP and he's less feisty however a picky feeder, and one thing I've learned from working with the two of these animals is that size seems to have the biggest impact on their attitude. My female is quite large now for her age, eats big meals and is very active, and i can now reach into her cage and remover her without a hook and not suffer a bite, even while removing her grappling hook tail from everything in sight haha... so in short, good luck and just keep her husbandry correct and just make sure she's eating and its only a matter of time/size until she will feel comfortable around you... and ditch the gloves they sense heat if the only thing they see emitting heat is your face they will tag you there...believe me it will happen!!! as for the young carpet it looks like it has some jaya in it to me with the more spot like pattern as opposed to the banding... however all the bloodlines in north america are zoo muddied you'd never know
  4. Kimber13

    Kimber13 Member

    Hey , thanks for the reply and yours is beautiful as well. I remember looking at the picture of yours before I even posted. She definitely has some nice yellows. I'm hoping mine will get nice a bright like that. I will take a more recent photo when she decides to shed. She's super dull at the moment, I guess she might go into shed soon. She refused her meal this Monday when I tried. She kinda just squirmed away from it. I can see that she's coming around a little more, she's in her own quiet room with all my other snakes because we have cats that like to go in and look and I don't want to stress her out. When I first received her she refused meals for close to 2 months. Didn't help that she took the drive to my place which was a good 6 hrs away from breeder, than she was in a RUB that was less than ideal and I was in the process of moving. Pretty hectic for the poor thing. When she did decide eat she ate two rat pups in one sitting. I'm glad that you said that yours calm down a bit, I don't want a cage defensive snake so will try working with her 2-3 times a week with no gloves. I think I'm scared she's going to strike and I'll jump and do more than good. I remember when I first got her she was biting steady. But I was being a rookie and was constantly handling her and not giving her that rest time. I'll have to let you know if she attacks my hand while trying to handle her without gloves. Also try getting a photo when she has a fresh shed and maybe get a measurement and weight on her. How old is your JCP pituophis? Length and weight? I'm trying to make sure she's on mark.

    As for the little carpet, I heard irian jaya jag but doesn't seem like that. I just assumed irian jaya.
  5. Pituophis

    Pituophis Active Member

    Ya keep me posted and if you have any issues or questions don't hesitate to message me on here, they can be a little tricky to get feeding steady and i know from experience how hectic that is. I think if you tone down the frequency of the handling sessions you will notice a change in your girl just like i did, especially limiting handling prior to feeding (48hrs usually) really seemed to help my jungle's feeding response. I know the strike is intimidating but believe me just let yourself get whacked on the hand once and you will be surprised how little it hurts especially at the young age they are, and it will remove the fear and hopefully prevent you from pulling away in the future and hurting you and the snake in the process.

    As for my girl she's just over 13 months now and when i got her 3 months ago she was i felt quite underweight for her size, and i learned as time went on she doesn't really like multiple prey items so her first few meals she would only take one rat pup at a time. when i received her at just under a year of age she was 35'' long and 170 grams. i felt this was definitely underweight although length seemed to be not too far off.

    I have since been feeding her every 7-10 days but definitely large meals, i read an article by ac reptiles and he basically goes on and on about how big of a meal they can take, so I've been aiming between 20-25% body weight every 7-10 until i feel she's "caught up"

    She loves this feeding schedule and is ready waiting come feeding day now,

    as of right now just over 13 months she is about 47" long and 400g so def a growing girl!

    as far as your worries about cage aggression, although i handle less i still clean the water bowl daily or every other day, so if you move slow the snake will watch and eventually learn you aren't a threat when you enter the cage , and also not to expect food each time, you can use the opportunity to hook train her too by giving her a nudge on the nose each time so she associates the two actions with your hand coming into the cage and not food

    also where a bouts in ontario are you located?
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