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Yay!!! New Ig Enclosure Made!!!

Discussion in 'Enclosures' started by replover, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. replover

    replover Elite Member

    YAY! I FINALLY, after two weeks of sweat and toil, built my first ever custom enclosure for my baby ig!!! I am really tired now, but I managed to take a picture. The black on the sides are the room's doorway I can't take a picture of the whole thing because the room is really small and the camera can't zoom that far.
    Here it is! Opinions needed. I still need to tweak it a little here and there.
    I'm gonna add more UV, right now it's just one tube of Exo Terra 8.0 with reflector but later on I will add another one. Or maybe a mercury vapor bulb? The temps are just right though so a MVB may be a bad idea.
    There is one platform (Second on the left) which needs to be lowered a few inches for when he gets really big in like 3 or 4 years he won't be able to get through. But right now, I'm taking a rest....
    Opinions wanted, but this is my first ever enclosure (Heck my first intro to carpentry!) so please don't scream at me for being stupid if I did anything stupid. Just tell me nicely! :)

  2. replover

    replover Elite Member

    By the way, please suggest where i should put the water and food etc. Right now I have the food on the basking platform, water on the bottom cool end!
  3. replover

    replover Elite Member

    Hmmm. he hasn't left his basking spot all day. I know he's probably getting used to his new surroundings, but he should be able to climb those grids, right?

    He's a little scared, really jumpy. No poop today though he's eating fine.
  4. Brittone05

    Brittone05 Elite Member

    It looks great for your first evere custom viv. Well done. I used to feed Godz on the floor level of his viv as it stops his food frying out from the heat of the basking bulb. It also gave him a bit of extra excersise coming down to get it and then back up again to bask!

    Good job though replover - am sure the others will have some positive comments for you too :)
  5. replover

    replover Elite Member

    I'm thinking of decorating it with some fake plants (cloth and plastic) but I worry it will try to eat the leaves. You all seem to be able to do it, so how do you make sure she doesn't eat them, and that she can tell the difference between real and fake leaves?
  6. geckoguy14

    geckoguy14 Elite Member

    thats the thing about iguanas. If it looks like a plant, odds are they'll eat it. I personally wouldnt use artificial plants, altough many people do it successfully. Even James Hatifled himself uses fake plants for his "ultimate iguana habitat". I guess it's really up to you.

    If you want an alternative, you could hang a pot of pothos from the roof of the cage, and the plant will vine it's way down and provide cover and a very naturalistic look. Plus, pothos is completely edible if your ig wants to snack on it.
  7. Brittone05

    Brittone05 Elite Member

    If you do decide to go with live plants then check out this link :-

    It is a full list of non toxic plants that can be used for our herps.

    I always used fake plats for Godz, as I still do for the others and have had no problems so far (touch wood!)
  8. Tom H.

    Tom H. Member

    very nice looking you did a good job
  9. geckoguy14

    geckoguy14 Elite Member

    I stole your idea and made new shelves for fluffy today using those metal stand things. good idea!
  10. venus

    venus Founding Member

    Great job rep..
  11. replover

    replover Elite Member

    geckoguy make sure if you are doing it like me, and putting a wood board accross TWO metal shelves, that you put a piece of cardboard under one end. The middle ridge between the two metal shelves will make the board rock like a see-saw otherwise. I didn't realize that till the ig started walking on it.
  12. Moshpitrockchick

    Moshpitrockchick Subscribed User Premium Member

    That turned out awesome! Give the little guy some time to settle in, my iguana took about a week before he was exploring his cage.
  13. Lyn'sSteve

    Lyn'sSteve Elite Member


    Very nice enclosure! I would personally put the food and water on the bottom as it would be easier to clean and give your iguana pleny of exercise.

  14. Moshpitrockchick

    Moshpitrockchick Subscribed User Premium Member

    I'm too much of a pushover to put Dizzy's food down low, i'll put it down there for a day or two and he wont climb down to eat so I feel bad and put it back up on his shelf for him....he's got me trained pretty well!
  15. Pamela

    Pamela Member

    What a noce place for your baby to live.Lots of room and all. I wish i could have built Hercule's that big.But his does just fine for him being handicapped.And your fisrst time at building wonderful job.
  16. replover

    replover Elite Member

    Moshpitrochick, I have the same problem, I tried putting his foood in the lower levels for two days and it don't eat at all and now its back on the basking spot... :(
  17. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    It may take a while for the ig to adjust to the change in feeding location. Trust me he will not voluntarily starve to death with food in the cage. The main problem with putting the food in the basking area is the heat from the lamps will rapidly dry it out and the higher heat will enourage mold and fungus to grow on the food. Captive igs tend to suffer from not getting enough water. Since most of their water comes from what they are eating, if the food is dried out you can see the problem.
    I feed in the bottom of the cage. This also makes the ig, lazy creatures that the are, move around and get a bit of exercise. If everything is delivered to him in one spot he will be quite content to lay there all the time.
    You will be creating the ultimate couch potato!;)
  18. Kira

    Kira Guest

    Excellent job!

    On the subject of fake plants, I use them and have no problems. When my Igs first saw them, they tried to bite a leaf, figured out that it wasn't real and wasn't gonna rip off and have since left them alone, lol.
  19. jshrad

    jshrad Elite Member


    Very nice enclosure, especially for your first. It looks kinda plain to me though, maybe add a branch or two?
  20. Mark

    Mark Elite Member

    I like it. You will quickly find that it is easier to keep this type of layout clean than it is to keep one with a "natural" look. Shelves like this are also safer and easier to secure than branches.

    One question -- what do you have under the newsprint? While newsprint is great to clean, cheap, and safe it is not water tight. If you don't have something to protect the floor from the liquids they can quickly ruin the floor.
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