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Yay, I Got a New Pet!!

Discussion in 'Invertebrates General' started by MadDog, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. MadDog

    MadDog Elite Member

    That is me too! I think we have more in common than we ever
  2. Joy81

    Joy81 Elite Member

    EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW he's on your FACE!!!!!!!! lol :)
  3. MadDog

    MadDog Elite Member

    Yeah, I posted that pic on FaceBook. My family and friends stayed away form that
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    My wife had the same reaction!
  5. MadDog

    MadDog Elite Member

    That`s pretty cool Merlin! I love getting those types of reactions!lol
  6. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Why not have a tattoo of one on your forehead, then he`d be with you ALWAYS!! (And forever), whichever`s longer).
  7. MadDog

    MadDog Elite Member

    Ya know, that actually sounds like a good idea. The only problem is I doubt to many people will want to hire someone with a roach tattoo on their forehead. I did see this one place on-line though that sold Hissing Roaches as jewelry though. It was actually kinda cruel. They basically bejeweled it and attached a silver chain to it so you could pin it to your clothes and then it could walk around all over the person without getting lost. They were selling this for 80 U.S. big bucks!
  8. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    The people who breed and sell these animals will surely offer you a job if you do decide to have it done, so with that in mind, may I be the first to advise you get it done asap, if not sooner...
    On a very serious note, selling these animals as jewellery is no different to what they do with many animals, kill them, make items of clothing, footwear or whatever, there`s just no end to it all...
  9. MadDog

    MadDog Elite Member

    That I have to agree with. I just wish there was something that could shake the minds of these ignorant people. When I say ignorant I don't necessarily mean stupid or anything harsh really, but uneducated. The problem after that though is getting them to change their habits after they have been well educated on the matter. This task usually turns into an impossible and never ending challenge though. That is a completely different subject in it's self right there.
  10. Cowrie

    Cowrie Well-Known Member

    I'm the same. Except for mud daubers. I don't like those. They like chasing people a bit too much. Also, don't like gnats, but that's about it. For a while, in school I was "the crazy girl who keeps slugs". Lol.

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