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Yay!!! He Ate!

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by SammieLee, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. SammieLee

    SammieLee Elite Member

    Bob ate tonight... Now f/t was my plan but I have been calling around all week and everywhere was out...the store said we will have some Friday. Showed up and they didn't have any. I just bought a live one. My husband got the job of killing it as I do not want to feed live at all....I know this was not the nicest way to do this but this was out first time and we were not prepared for this at all. (If I had know I would have to buy live I would of already read up on what to do) My husband flicked him on the head. He fell over and we thought he was dead....snake was not interested at all. We were watching from a distance because we had never killed a rat and didn't want it to come back to life...Sadly it started moving BUT I am so thankful it did....HE ATE!!! I guess it was a good thing we couldn't get f/t because he would not of eaten it....

    Now what do I give him next week? Another live and do the same thing?? Is there an easy way to stun the rat?? I am not really interested in feeding live...not sure what to do. Just thankful he ate this week :)
  2. CrazySnakeLady

    CrazySnakeLady Elite Member

    Have you attempted making the F/T rat look alive? I'm fostering a Red Tail Boa who will take her rat when I wiggle it but ignores it the rest of the time. My BP on the other hand will only eat live white mice. There's different ways of killing a mouse. Simple ways are smacking it against a wall or rock or one way I've seen is locking tongs on the mouse's neck/lungs until it suffocates or breaking its neck. There's more complicated ways like CO2 until they fall asleep and never wake up.

    That being said, if you really don't want to feed live, try different ways of feeding F/T. Wiggle it, make it "sniff" your snake, etc. If that doesn't work you can "brain" it. Gross, but it can be successful. Make sure the heat signature would be believable also and not wet. BPs are picky buggers! Good luck :) hope that helped
  3. SammieLee

    SammieLee Elite Member

    We wiggled it at first when we thought it was dead and he was not interested. Thanks for all the info.. It's very helpful. We will try other ways next time :)
  4. SammieLee

    SammieLee Elite Member

    Well this time we killed the rat all the way....he played with it a bit before he ate it but he ate it finally!!! Is it normal for them to move there food around a play with it before eating?? I'm not sure what the feeder feed but there is a possibility it was his first dead meal...
  5. CrazySnakeLady

    CrazySnakeLady Elite Member

    My guy does when we're staring at him, like he's uncomfortable until he can't contain his hunger and eats it. That may be what he was doing or he was just checking it out.

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