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yah first catch of spring! lol

Discussion in 'Field Herping' started by Cornyballpython, Apr 2, 2006.

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  1. Cornyballpython

    Cornyballpython Elite Member

    yah im psyco lol after church today me 'n my friend were out side sticking out feet im my pool and the lady across the street knocks on my door and tells my mom she needs me? soo i go to see what she wants and she said theres a snake in my bush my son (he is in his 20's) almost steped on it and in went up in the bush.... so i go to see what kind it is (fully prepared with a pillow case and a hook) so i look and the snake's head was stickin out of the bush about 3 inches i estamated he was anout 2-3 feet... and he was a Black racer also known as a black rat XD so i look in the bush to find his tail and i grabed it and it got out of my hand (he never left the bush untill i had him) after a few more trys of grabing or poking his tail and failing i poked again and his tail hent out on top of the bush i grabed it and out swinging and gaping comes this 3 and 1/2 foot black racer ready to bite me, hi striked only to fail and he weaved his head into the chain link fence in did himself and tryed to bite again. he taged me so i let him bite the bag and i put it over him and *tah-duh* picked him up and just as i picked him up my mom walked up and saw him and said "well that dident take long lol" im like nope and i put him in the bag said thanks for geting me and not killing it and went home XD now i have a VERRY health and VERRY fisty temp racer.... :)

    now i shal make you drool over my snake lol

    he dident like my camara lol ;)

    him and his wonder full healthy body

    the only reson i have his head like that is cause he gets relly fisty if he has any freedom (he has alredy bit my knee a few times lol)

    and he is just a temp i am going to atempt to get a good picher of him to draw ;) yay :)

  2. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    congrats and nice catch!
  3. venus

    venus Founding Member

    Congrats on the great catch Sara.
  4. Herpewanabe

    Herpewanabe Elite Member

    Nice snake, awesome job on the catch.
  5. titus

    titus Elite Member Premium Member

    Beautiful snake, A great catch.
  6. DarkMagician207

    DarkMagician207 Elite Member

    great looking snake.:) i'm also glad they called you instead of killing it.
  7. Cornyballpython

    Cornyballpython Elite Member

    k well i have a few q on him,

    First off Nice answers please. If you dont think i should do this, just say no and give me a slight reason. no flaming...

    i plan on keeping him for at least 2 months, mostly as a research kind of thing... as for handling should i keep holding his head like that or after a few days test him by letting him have more "freedom?" I scrub my arms after holding him cause i dont want to spred mites or anything like that to my snakes. As for mites on him, should i treat him for mites and internal parasites and all that so he is healthy when i release him?

    I am getting a 20 gal tank free from a friend. so i will be geting one of those cool 20 gal tank covers with the hinge in the middle lol ;) I have him in a pillow case for the time being till i get the tank and stuff tomarow :)

    Oh! and should i give him a nice full belly tomarow? i have some baby rats that look like there wild :)

  8. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    If youre planning on releasing him you may want to only treat him for mites. As for parasites when hes released agin hes just going to be reinfected, but you may want to get him treated for that too, mainly to protect your other herps :) And feeding wise, youre going to feed him live Im assuming so you can go ahead and try getting him to eat for ya but if he dosnt eat it within an hour or so take it out, you dont want the rat to give him any bites.good luck!
  9. Cornyballpython

    Cornyballpython Elite Member

    im going to try F/T if that doesent work i'll try the "nerve" efect ;) if that doesent i'll give him somthing to bite :)
  10. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    lol, ohk, good luck! let us know how it goes!!
  11. Cornyballpython

    Cornyballpython Elite Member

    fer shur lol
  12. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Actually I strongly would suggest you release it. You risk bringing parasites and other pathogens into your other animals. Also being in Florida where they have some of the most stringent laws of any state regarding herp keeping you will most likely find yourself in serious violation of the law to even have it in your possession. And after you have had it in your possession of any length of time it will be illegal to release it back to the wild due to the chance of it picking up a disease and introducing them to the local wild population.

    What you have is a black racer, not a black ratsnake. They are extremely active snake and it is going to require a much larger cage than a 20 gal tank.
    These snakes are extremely high strung and nervous. Attempting to handle it is going to seriously stress it out. It will not settle down and will repeatedly bite you no matter how much you try to tame it. This snake will never make a good captive pet and will probably not survive your attempt to keep it.
  13. Cornyballpython

    Cornyballpython Elite Member

    oh i know he has bit me about 3 times im going to release him in the woods at my brothers friends house (they have a lot of properdy) its wooded, i am keeping him outside due to my mom not wanting him geting out in the house, i have talked to a animal offiser person about 2-3 weeks back about me catching racers, rats and other snakes and releasing them and she said its rin as long as i dont release it in a nighborhood/city situation... so its ok :) umm he is geting a bit better when i get him out of the bag so yah, either way i have to keep him for about 2 weeks cause we cant get over to this friends house till about then :) (i cant release him were i live cause its a neighborhood and ppl will kill him)

    but thanks for your consern :)
  14. Cornyballpython

    Cornyballpython Elite Member

    i just checked the state regulations and my racer is not an indigo snake or a florida pine snake so im all good, i dont need a license to poses a wild caught racer or none of that so im good :)
  15. liljon140

    liljon140 Active Member

    Nice catch man. As for you questions on keeping him. Treat him for the mites dont worry about the internal parasites if he is to be released at a later time. My first question to you is have you ever kept a black racer b4? They are very fiesty snakes you wont be able to tame him down very much if at all at his age. He will need a much bigger cage than a 20 gal. They also dont eat rodents very well you may have to sent them with a frog or a lizard as this is their main diet in the wild. They also need to eat more often than you think he will need to be fed every 3-4 days as opposed to you normal snake that we feed every 7-10 days. They have a high matabolism and require a nice basking spot of about 95 to digest the food. I have kept many wild cought racers over the years and they are very pretty snakes but they are alot of work to keep healthy. If you have any other questions on him let me know.
  16. Cornyballpython

    Cornyballpython Elite Member

    yup i have kept a few in my 7+ years of keeping snakes... he has eaten a few lizards and i can take him out of hin cage with gloves on with out him biting me but picking him back up in the screen room is another story cause he thinks he is free! XP lol
  17. Manhirwen

    Manhirwen Elite Member

    I would suggest to release him because it's very stressful for a snake to be taken out of the wild even in the best situations. The snake as stated above would need a specialized diet of frogs, lizards and I believe even fish. Also, the mites and parasites might be harder for him to deal with in captivity than in the wild because of the extra stress on the snake.

    Also, I believe you mentioned keeping him outside. I don't think that is a good idea. It would be hard to properly regulate the temps. You might think that since he is from there that putting him outside should be fine on temps. However he doesn't have the ability to properly regulate his body temp. If you put him in the sun he'll overheat and die, if you keep him in the shade he won't be able to bask or heat up. Even if you put a light over the cage it would be difficult to get the temps right.

    I just personally think it would be really hard on the snake itself, just my opinion.
  18. liljon140

    liljon140 Active Member

    Wow been a herper for 7+ years thats alsome man. I have been a herper for 18+ years now and have a corn that I have had since the very start of my herp carer. Big red is now 18 years old and going strong. I still suggest you either get ther racer a better setup as in bigger and inside where you can regulate temps or release him the latter being the better option but I to was young once and kept everything that I cought. Now I am more in to relocating animals that are in dangerous areas where they could harm someone or someone could harm them.
  19. Cornyballpython

    Cornyballpython Elite Member

    i let her go today :) then i had to hold my nighbors cat for about 10 min so he could get away

    yup about half my life :) i have had newts and stuff when i was relly little but now its all snakes! i went to the zoo yesterday and i saw a giant day gecko.... they r soo cool well gota get off now so lata :p
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