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Would Like Some Advice. :)

Discussion in 'Solomon Island Boas' started by Efil, May 28, 2013.

  1. Efil

    Efil Member

    I don't have one yet, and probably wont be able to get one for a year or so... The only breeder I know of is waiting on their female to be of breeding age and size, but that doesnt stop me from wanting to be as informed as possible about proper care and habitat!

    So my first question is which Solomon Island Boa is the best for someone who doesn't have much experience? The breeder is also a reptile rescue (thats how they have a few solomon Isle boa's) and I have offered to help at the rescue to get more experience in how to safely handle and care for all snakes. Preferably non venomous tho... They may be pretty but I hate needles, the risk of getting bit isnt worth it!

    Secondly what dimension of cage/tank? I don't really want to use a tub, being able to see the enviroment and watch it in the evnings would be quite nice.

    Are there any diseases/ilnesses or other issues that are common? And how are they detected early? I would hate to miss the early signs of something easy to treat and make the poor snake suffer...

    The last think I can think of at the moment is tank set up. How to acheive the right humidity and temperature? I have read lots of how to's, as well as care sheets, but all the ones i have found are for boa's in general for the most part...

    The reson I want one is because of the one i met at a convention. He was about 2 feet long and had a viperish head. Medium brown body, dark brown in back (stripe with blotches) and a paler belly with reddish spots. He was very docile but with an impish attitude, got himself tangled up in my con badge and when another person tried to help me detangle him he got her arm stuck in the mess. I have a decent photo of him, will post it when I get to the comp it is saved on.
  2. Efil

    Efil Member

    Shrink snake around arm.jpg
    this is the snake I fell in love with. Solomon island boa, not sure if he is a ground or tree...
  3. CRRL

    CRRL Elite Member

    Just a little FYI.
    No true rescue facility breeds animals.
    Breeders that pose as rescues are trying to obtain animals for free and sell them.
  4. Efil

    Efil Member

    That may be more or less true, but they will take in snakes that have been neglected and abused, get them healthy again and find homes for them at a cost (but I would expect a cost, vets bills are crazy expencive!), or in some cases breed them and sell the babies. It may not be a true rescue, but this place does do right by the snakes and lizards that come into their care. They will not sell or rehome a sick or dangerous animal, untill it is healthy and socialized.
  5. CRRL

    CRRL Elite Member

    It's good to see an exception to the rule.
    A reasonable cost for the care of the animal is acceptable.
    Sadly, I see "rescues" and herp societies taking in animals and selling them at retail prices.
  6. Efil

    Efil Member

    Sadly not everyone is the best... But it wont stop till every buyer decides to stop supporting those who are not up to par.
    I refuse to look at animals at pet stores and try to only buy pet supplies at stores that don't sell animals. Some times I have to go to a petsmart due to store hours but I try to avoid it!

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