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Would Like a Pink Tongued Skink

Discussion in 'Skinks' started by Python, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. Python

    Python Member

    I was thinking of getting a single pink tongued skink for my 20gallon long.
    I've been told that they need a "UV" bulb. Would a UVA bulb work?
    What wattage?
    I'm able to feed it super worms, mealworms, waxworms, high end cat food, and some fruits.
    And of course I'd provide it with water bowl, substrate, ect.
    So if anyone can answer my question about the lighting/heating bulbs, it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. pabstman

    pabstman New Member

    Are you planning on getting a baby or any adult? A baby Pink Tongue would get lost in a 20 gallon, you would be much better off keeping a baby in a breeder box. Pink Tongues are diurnal so they require UVA/UVB. You can use one of the 5.0 bulbs which I think are around 13 watts. As far as feeding goes my babies only eat canned snails and ground lean turkey, sometimes the adults with accept crickets/mealworms but their diet in the wild consists of mostly snails. If you do use cat food make sure it's grain free and you dust it with calcium/vitamins.


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