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Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by silentfire, May 3, 2013.

  1. silentfire

    silentfire New Member

    A few minutes ago I noticed my dragon defecating in his water for the second time in a rather short period of time and when I walked over I noticed this time the stool was riddled with tiny white worms. I have no clue how he could have gotten them, I keep his cage pretty well cleaned, there is a few inches of water on the bottom of his cage that is filtered.. and this cage is a new upgrade from his previous tiny one I was keeping him in until he outgrow it which was very simple and plain , easily kept clean.. after my classes tomorrow I'm going to move him back to the old cage and clean out his new one as best I can..

    The main question, dragon is infected and I am a rather poor college student, what should I do? I don't know of any vets nearby except for one that only treats dogs and cats.. is there any kind of general deworming treatment I could give him and hope it works? and also how could he have gotten worms if kept in a clean environment? just some bad foods or..?

    everywhere I have looked has had the same general list of symptoms and i don't know if I shouldn't worry because my dragon shows almost none of the symptoms, just the rather large amount of worms in the recent stool

    Poor to no appetite (anorexia), - nope, he loves to eat still

    weight loss - also no

    or no weight gain or growth seen in an animal that appears to be eating well - seems pretty well to me?

    diarrhea or loose and frequent bowel movements - first time I have seen it frequent was tonight

    Water dragons with parasitic infections tend to defecate all over the enclosure rather than just in the water as they normally do - entire bottom is water and it is the only place it goes, the old cage wasn't all water but it still generally went in the water bowl

    extremely smelly stools - not as far as I can tell (I have a horrible sense of smell)

    poor colour (darker or duller colouration) - he is a very bright green

    lethargy (inactivity, sleepiness, not very alert, dull eyes) - is always active and alert


    any advice is appreciated :) just scared for the poor guy

    not entirely sure if it is a guy, but it's femoral pores (hopefully I spelled that right) as far as I can tell from google seem to be the size of a males? I am not an expert in this field as I'm sure is somewhat obvious :p

    another random note that I am not sure if it could be relevant in any way.. I just decided hey why not put some fish in the water!? soo I put some goldfish which the lizard could care less about.. and a cleaner fish which he was really interested in and chased all around.. and I can no longer find the cleanerfish.. so I am guessing at some point today he ate the poor thing, not sure if they carry anything or not?
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  2. PetMother

    PetMother Elite Member

    I'd take a fecal in to see what the parasite is so it can be treated asap.
  3. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    If the dragon is shedding worms in the stool, there is a bloom. You need a vet! This is not something that home remedies can deal with.

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