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Worms/beetles in My Cricket Delivery?

Discussion in 'Feeders' started by HerpFanatic, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. HerpFanatic

    HerpFanatic Elite Member

    What are the Worms/beetles I received in my cricket shipment. I have never got these things before?
    I emailed Flukers and they gave me a credit, Not what I wanted but they never answered my questions.

    The beetles fly so I have to take my cricket tank out side and clean it out. So these things are not all over my house. I have never seen them and was told to find another supplier for my reorder as their feed is full of these things. They said they are safe for the reptiles, however every time I open my cricket bin these things fly out.

    Where do you guys order your crickets. I have loved ordering from Flukers, but I don't want to deal with these things right now.
  2. HerpFanatic

    HerpFanatic Elite Member

    Here is a picture:
  3. bradyloach

    bradyloach Elite Member

    are those darkling beatles? if they are you can make a mealworm colony
  4. HerpFanatic

    HerpFanatic Elite Member

    No they are not. These fly... Plus I have a mealworm colony. ;)
  5. AjaMichelle

    AjaMichelle Elite Member

    Those beetles are harmless, and the fuzzy worms are their larvae. You can feed both to your herps. :)
  6. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    They are not the little hairy worms I usually get.
    Which are from what I've heard they are put in to consume the dead crickets.
    Not sure what those are.

    EDIT: There's my answer above
  7. HerpFanatic

    HerpFanatic Elite Member

    Yeah these are slightly hairy and they do eat the dead crickets, so thats what flukers said. They told me their cricket food to feed their farms is full if them right now. My biggest problem is when I open my cricket bin the darn beatles fly out in my house. The main reason they gave me a refund is because the crickets were the wrong size. I ordered 4 week 1/2 ince crickets these thinks are barly 2 weeks old.

    So where do you guys order your crickets from? I used to drive up to the reptile show every month and but them for $17 plus $14 for my fiancee and my self to get in the door but I was getting a lot of dead ones. So I started ordering from flukers.

    Thanks for all the answers so far.

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