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Working Diy Waterfall

Discussion in 'Cage Furniture - Accessories' started by Owen Baranoski, Dec 7, 2017 at 1:29 PM.

  1. Owen Baranoski

    Owen Baranoski Well-Known Member

    Hey, wondering if anyone has any ideas for how I can easily make a waterfall with a pond for a new vivarium I'm working on. I have a tetra 10 gallon whisper fish tank filter, so I would like to use that with it. Any ideas how I could do That? Also, would silicon cocking be safe to use as a sealer?
  2. Owen Baranoski

    Owen Baranoski Well-Known Member

    Update. Spent a couple of hours working out the kinks - here are the results. 15126998319302088203555.jpg 15126998319302088203555.jpg 15126998864911164118484.jpg

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