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Why Would Someone Own an Anaconda? Lol

Discussion in 'Snakes - General' started by Jeninpa76, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. Jeninpa76

    Jeninpa76 Elite Member

    I was talking to this guy at a local pet store & he has a pet Anaconda! I really didn't believe it until he showed me a picture of his son holding it! He says he handles it every day to keep it tame. I am just shocked! Other than zoo's I did not think people kept these snakes as pets! I didn't even think it was legal! lol
  2. justor

    justor Elite Member

    The most common anaconda in the pet trade is the yellow anaconda which only grows to about 10-12 feet in length which is not extremely huge compared to some snakes. This is probably what he has. Green anacondas would make insane captives as they can reach lengths of up to 40 feet!
  3. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    There is a member who owns them, I believe she has a green one!
  4. Jeninpa76

    Jeninpa76 Elite Member

    His is a green one & he said it could get up to 40ft long & be able to physically eat him which is why he says he handles it every day! Crazy!!! lol It is already 12ft long and not that old.
  5. FervidBrutality

    FervidBrutality Elite Member

    As long as he takes proper care, then it's okay in my book.

    Some people like the challenge of a really large animal. It's what really draws me to nile and water monitors :p
  6. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    In many places it isn't!
    THe longest credible report of a green anaconda is 26 ft. There are eyewitness reports of them being longer but those are tend to be more like fishermans stories and the animal gets bigger with each telling!:rolleyes:
    In fact I beleive that there was a $50,000 reward offered for proof that one over 30ft had been found. Now this is for actual varifiable proof. Not some fish story.

    As for him handling it everyday to keep it safe, he is in for a rude awakening. No matter how much a snake is handled, once it goes into feeding mode all bets are off! Put a rodent and your hand into a tame ball python cage and see what happens!

    There are several reasons someone would desire to keep an anaconda. Some are legitimate and involve an interest in and sincere desire to work with that species.

    Unfortunately more often, it's the macho type whose main desire is to have something "dangerous and cool!", to brag about! These are the types that get me riled. They are also the types that you see ending up on the news with a snake getting loose or hurting someone.
    Then once again its the same old bit. Snake keepers are oddballs who have no sense and are a danger to the community.
    So we should not let them keep these animals.
    And the laws get passed.
  7. Flint

    Flint Elite Member

    With the right experience and care, I think its perfectly ok to have a pet anaconda. Same with reticulated pythons, which typically get even longer than anacondas. I am years (decades actually) away from having the means and know-how to handle a snake like that, but it is an eventual dream for me. It is unfortunate that ignorant keepers give the rest of us a bad rep, but that's the owners fault, not the animal. Its not that anacondas shouldn't be kept, its just certain people shouldn't be allowed to do so lol.
  8. purplemuffin

    purplemuffin Elite Member

    I know quite a few people who keep and breed anacondas. Males tend to be shorter than females, and even the giant ladies don't always get quite so huge--they DO get big, and they are dangerous, which is why most places require permits to own them. They are not a pet for the beginner!

    The people I know who have them legitimately love the species and think they are just beautiful creatures. They have interesting color morphs as well as the ability to grow to an impressive size. For those people willing to own them legally and care for them properly(proper housing, feeding the right size prey, and knowing how to stay SAFE) they can be quite rewarding animals. It's always fun to see your reptile grow from the little baby you bought, imagine seeing it grow to be 20 ft!

    I don't like when the 'macho' people own them who take bad care and end up putting themselves and others in danger. I'm cool with the right kind of people owning them. Not everyone is fit to own an anaconda, but I have met some of the few people who are properly equipped(mentally, financially, etc) to own them safely!

    People who know what they are doing still don't handle a big snake alone. When handling a snake big enough to kill you it is important to have people around in case the worst case scenario happens and you have to unwrap the snake. So for an anaconda he should have two or three strong adults with him whenever he handles the snake!

    I myself am drawn to large animals, but maybe not that long. I'd like an Olive Python as my big snake :) Would love a dwarf retic if I could be guaranteed better on the size they get, but as of right now they seem to be all over the place on length, some super short and some super long!
  9. Kernel

    Kernel Elite Member

    Yea, with enough experience I think it's fine. I have a couple years of experience (I know that's not much at all) and I don't even think I'm experienced enough to have a red tailed boa. A dream of mine is to some day own a albino Burmese python, but that's a decade or more away.
  10. FervidBrutality

    FervidBrutality Elite Member

    "Macho" is definately a nicer word than what I would've used. Haha. In my humble opinions, I find the the larger reptiles are more beautiful - they present an overwhelming sense of awe and majesty to me. Take the V. salvator as an example: a very big lizard, but beautiful colorations and 9 times out of 10, very calm around you and an absolute joy to work with.
  11. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    LOL! Trust me! I too have a much wider range of vocabulary expletives I COULD have used.

    But then I'd have to ban myself!;)
  12. crepers86

    crepers86 Elite Member

    On you tube look up Jeffevens13 he owns two green anacondas. he even has a video taking them and his Burmese to the park. I believe it was Jeff Evens that stated that an anaconda is normally a one handler snake (doesn't have a problem with the person that owns it but can be aggressive to strangers) I do know he had talked about their strike warning is different the that of other snakes were as they don't coil back and strike forward they tend to strike to the side.

    I wouldn't own one because of the simple fact their face looks evil to me.

    Yeah I hate it when I here those that state I had an anaconda, it was soo cool I would let it run loose. and I am sitting there looking at them shaking my head. Its like the ones that say that snake don't get bigger then what there envirament allows... pssh

    Jeff Evens is a sincere owner with a deep love for the animal and does admit that his are probaly too big for him to be handling by him self.
  13. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    40 feet... Come on people, do your research.

    Merlin, thank you for clearing that up!
  14. hennisntacanibal

    hennisntacanibal Elite Member

    Maybe they've been watching that movie with Jennifer Lopez... ;)
  15. purplemuffin

    purplemuffin Elite Member

    Shhhh... :-" I actually think they have pretty funny/derpy faces.. :p especially compared to a retic!
  16. chevyzilla

    chevyzilla Well-Known Member

    Pretty much ditto with what Merlin said. First of all the largest snake ever recorded period was a Reticulated Python that was just short of 28 feet long so these people saying 40 feet is just hype and people wishing that they were 40 feet until they actually saw one that size then they would **** their pants and cry for momma. LOL. There is no such thing as handling one daily and keeping it tame. We aren't talking about a corn snake for crying out loud. The next thing that happens is someone gets eaten and then everyone wants to blame the snake instead of the stupid. Just as a side note, the Anaconda is so fierce that it is the only creature known to kill and eat its prey and then regurgitate it back up so it can kill and swallow it again. Yes the Green Anaconda is a total bad *** in the animal world and a group of Caimen Alligators sunning on the shore line will part and make way for the Anaconda to pass by because they know the deal. Its best to leave some things where they are and just let them be unless you want to become dinner. Being macho is cool and everything until you are eaten and then you are just plain dead.
  17. chevyzilla

    chevyzilla Well-Known Member

    In the words of Bill Engval,,, You just can't fix stupid.
  18. crepers86

    crepers86 Elite Member

    I believe you mean Ron White, "can't fix Stupid" gig...

    but yeah. I mean it takes a genuine love for these animals to keep them, doing it for the macho thing is stupid on any animal.

    Talking bout people saying 40 foot snakes, I had a neighbor that told me a friend of his had found, caught and killed a 100foot snake. Then he tried backing up the story that the man the skin (not shed skin) to prove it.

    I was like your full of * to, because he swore up and down he caught a 20 foot rat snake. I tried explaining to him that this guy probly had killed a huge snake but I explained to him that the skin stretches but it wasn't stretched for 100 feet
  19. FervidBrutality

    FervidBrutality Elite Member

    ... Can you do that..? Haha.

    It takes a genuine interest and love to take care of any animal. Correctly, anyway. It takes a smart person to tell themselves they can't take care of any animal; any idiot can get one. Something like that - I'm a bit lost for profound words right now :p
  20. jabberwocky

    jabberwocky Elite Member

    your on the right track. any idiot can lock a 20 foot python in the back room and hope for the best. smart people say "i have a small child. maybe it's not the pet for me"

    on the other hand, a man who lives alone or with another adult, with sufficient time and funds, says "this is a beautiful fascinating animal. I will respect it's wildness while taking good proper care of it."

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