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Why Wont My Iguana Get Tamed!!!

Discussion in 'Green Iguanas' started by Parham, May 12, 2013.

  1. Parham

    Parham New Member

    Iv had this iguana since was 3 months now he 13 months and no matter what he wont get tamed he wont let me hold him he just whips bites and runs away i feel like this iguana is always gunna be like this iv tryed for the 11 moths i had him to put my hand in the cage to show him my hand no matter how far i am jjust runs away and whips again pleSe help :(((
  2. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    Some iguanas never adapt well to human company. They also have exhaustive requirements, and not meeting any of them will result in an unhappy (and unhealthy) animal.

    Give us a complete description of your setup - everything about it.

    Size (length, width, hieght)
    construction (made of?)
    furnishing (bare? branches?)
    substrate (carpet, newspaper, tree bark, sand, etc)
    temperatures (at his basking spot, at his cool end, ad well as day and night high and lows)
    equipment (what kind of thermometer, thermostat, light fixtures etc. are used to keep him warm)
    his diet, including any vitamins and supplements and treats he gets to eat.
    handling (how do you interact with him? do you pick him up, do you offer him treats, do you wait to see if he will approach you?)
    any other details you can think of may help us pinpoint what may be making him a little aggressive.
  3. Parham

    Parham New Member

    He has a 48 x 48 x 72 his cage is always full with food fresh water i always clean it theres a bunch of trees and branches as for lights his cage is 89 too 93 deppeing on the weather in my house and no i cant pick him up he always runs away and same with me tryen to feed him he just runs and whips he let me touch him one time cuz he was hurt but never again have i been able too :/

    Iv given him everything all the local petstores told mw all the articles online and books no matter what he denys everythinf run aways and gets mad i even garden my own veggies to see if maybe he would like thy better bot no

    Ughhh idk **** this
  4. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    Hi, I can barley understand your posts :confused:
    How are you measuring the temps in the enclosure and what type of veggies do you feed him? What steps have you taken to build trust with him?
  5. Salazare Slytherin

    Salazare Slytherin Elite Member

    Iguanas are herbivores, this essentially makes them prey animals, and your iguana knows it! everything is out to get him, he does not understand this alien enviroment, the intentions of you, us as keepers often have a great habit of anthromorphising reptile characterisitcs with human ones (why wont he tame) why does he hate me? etc etc, and the truth is, iguanas are not kittens, they are very difficult animals with many behavorial quirks, I always tell keepers to expect the worst out of an iguana, and anything you get on top of that should be considerd a bonus.

    Routine in taming helps, keeping to that routine and never deterring from it, this helps your iguana understand the times he can expect to be interacted with, even handfeeding them, bribe them half way onto your arm to show them your not all that bad, never grab them, never go in and move them in their own "safe space" this does no good for any taming, we as people often have a niche of not relising, that much of our own movements are not all that disimilar to their natural predators, and so you can see why your iguana is going to be slightly afraid, and cautious.

    If you set expectations of him, you will already have a dissapointing result.


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  6. justor

    justor Elite Member

    Couldn't have said it better myself Salazare.

    Don't give up. You have to keep trying, but you can't hold it against the iguana if it doesn't become "tame".
  7. tbron

    tbron Elite Member

    just be patient my sav took for ever to tame. the end result was an amazing friend that went everywhere with me. you can do it.
  8. Parham

    Parham New Member

    Iv done all of that the most iv done is reach my hand out to either givw him food which he wor accept it ever i dont know what to do this iguanais too scared even if i dont bother him still scared like he has a big cage he was eveeything so i know its not the cage i think he will never be nice its not like im gunna give up on him i just am so bummed out over it cause i dont wanna have a big as not tamed iguana thats scary and hes getting big fast nd he can harm me and anyone else if hes not tamed
  9. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    Can you please be more mindful of your posting language and grammar? Like I said earlier I am finding it difficult to read your posts. Thanks! :)
    Also, do you mind answering some of my questions such as diet and husbandry? It can help paint a bigger picture and possible issues. Iguanas are stubborn! You should try to work with him everyday. Slowly reach in and lay your hand near him. Allow him to adjust to your presence in his territory. Eventually work up to touching him and hand feeding. This isn't about taming, its about trust and bonding. :)
  10. Parham

    Parham New Member

    Ugh yu can kick back lady don't trip on my grammer sorry I'm not all smart like you now thanks for offending me again and if yu wanna know I give him bell peppers and lettuce and dahlia hibscus asparagus carrots bananas mangos I either chop em up or smash em so he can actually fit everything in his mouth without choking chopped up apples
  11. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    Unfortunately that is not a diet that's appropriate for an iguana. Have you checked out our care sheet for iguanas?
    What are the temperatures in the enclosure?
  12. Salazare Slytherin

    Salazare Slytherin Elite Member

    On top of the great advice already mentioned, I find the best way to be around an iguana is act like a tree, beleive it or not it works.
    Here are both my iguanas climbing on me, my female whenh she arrived (the green one in the video) was very scared and whippy to even accept a handfeed, I beat that by feeding her, and just placing my hand near the food dish when she was eating for about 2 months every day, if your iggy has a basking shelf, or is on something flat, if you keep your hand flat and your palm face up, this already is a much less threatning position for them, and it is actually safer for you too due to the shape of their mouths.

    Anyways here is albus and mini diving on me last year.
    iguanas 5 - YouTube be a tree, be patient, routine, and persevere, sometimes it takes years, sometimes not long, sometimes an iguana may only come to tolerate certain interactions, fact is, none of them ever asked to be here, and so I do encourage keepers to interact with their pets, but occasionally there is the odd animal that turns up which sometimes it is better to take a hands off approach and appreciate a wonderful, and beautiful impressive wild animal for its natural behavior and beauty, just keep trying it comes down to doing our best.

    I will say though, every unsuiccesful case I have ever herd, hasnt been altogether unssucesful, only in the keepers eyes, and the only similarity was, they had this great idea in their head that they would ahve a great cool looking big lizard sitting on their shoulder when it got older, never ever set an iguana expectations, it never happens the way we plan in most cases, what happens happens, and what doesnt doesnt, just do your best.

    Good luck matey.
    Last edited: May 13, 2013
  13. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    Here is the care sheet!
  14. Kozakura

    Kozakura Elite Member

    Parham, at the risk of offending you, you seem young. First understand that everyone here wants to help you with your relationship with your iguana. Some advice may seem critical but it is in the best interest of you and your iguana.
  15. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Actually its YOU who need to "kick back". She is one of our staff and is trying to get across to you that if people can't understand what you are writing, they cannot properly respond.
    And acting like a jerk here will get you removed!

    Your igs diet is not what it should be eating. Check out the diet listing that you were linked to. Green iguanas have very specific dietary needs and not meeting them will result in a sick iguana.
  16. Ntvper

    Ntvper Member

    Dont worry, time heals all. and patience, and proper husbandry. still working on the taming of my girl who I rescue/accepted from someone three months ago or less. she is eating well, and is okay to be around just not in her cage even the usual feeding in the morning and water changing. she still runs around like im gonna eat her everytime so to keep her from hurting herself like the first time (minor nose injury, all healed by now) I had to hold her while I feed, clean and change water. Now I can go with slow movements and this last two weeks i dont have to hold her as i feed her and change her water. Cleanings on the other hand....well we are working on that. Best thing to do is be on a routine, timer the lights, heat, and humidity so you can just spend the time working on the relationship.
  17. TamJam

    TamJam Elite Member

    I believe from reading this that the best option now would be for the owner to try to find someone with more time and experience to adopt this iguana. Things do not always work out as we would like, and sometimes we have to make tough decisions for the good of the animal, and often, the sooner the better. But if you decide to keep the iguana and keep trying, I wish you the best of luck - just make sure that you have the commitment that will be needed, the time, patience, and the knowledge of his husbandry needs.
  18. MicahC

    MicahC Elite Member

    Well, first of all it will normally take from 6 months to a year for the lucky people. Usually it will take longer depending how much time you have to interact with the iguana, the living space, the enclosure, and if you have the right temperatures, humidity, and diet. Unfortunately all of this stuff is basically impossible to achieve without lots of money and free time on your hands.
    I have just started to take extreme measures in taming my iguana. What I do is when I wake up in the morning I have some food so that she becomes interested and doesn't go berserk with her being in my space. Then once she is calm and is busy chewing I get her out of the cage with little resisting. I usually will put her in the bathtub for a short soak or poop and then will put her back in the cage with the food already there.
    Later in the day, after school, I will come back home to a pretty calm Iggy. Then I do the norm of getting her out of the cage and then I put her in the tub for a long soak 15-35 min (which she truly doesn't like,...yet). Then I will take her out, dry her, and set her in front of the windowsill for around an hour. After that I will then later pick her up and carry her around for a bit until I find a place where she will walk around and then I let her explore for an hour or so. Then I either give her a treat before I put her back in the cage or I will just pet her in front of the windowsill. Sometime I might take her out later at night and hold and pet her while sleepy Iguana falls asleep on my lap.

    Great things to do:

    -Lure the iggy out with a treat everytime you take her out (She will later remember in her head that being taken out is a good thing and there will be no more fighting)

    -Bathe and Soak everyday....especially before you let the iguana walk on your bed or around the house (helps them get used to water and the tub, also helps if u have trouble keeping humidity up, and of course so that the iguana learns only to put in water and later will help to potty train them)

    -Also give a treat or two after you take the Iguana out of the tub and before you put the iguana back in the cage

    -Lastly, pet and hold often. Do stuff in front of the cage, or in the same room, to get the iguana used to you....

    I started doing this like 3 days ago and I am ALREADY seeing behavioral me, this is the best way to go

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