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Why My Left Hand But Not My Right?

Discussion in 'Lizard Videos' started by serganttom, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. serganttom

    serganttom New Member

    My leopard gecko is usually fine, I put my right hand in he licks it and goes calmly on it, inspects it and is all calm and stuff, and walks off but for some reason after he walked to cold side he walked to my left hand and bit my index finger and it was just like the other . I left my hand in and he bite it again but then stopped cause i didnt flinch or move so he walked around it. Any perticular reason why? Got him on the 7, ive been taming him since the 9th after he walked out alot on his own. He comes out to watch me sit in front of his tank. He has two hides, heats good, i feed him well gut loaded, change his water dish. He is currently walking around and staring at me. He likes to walk to the front and stare alot.

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