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Why Does It Seem Like Retics Are More Popular Than Burms?

Discussion in 'Pythons *General*' started by themourningstar, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. themourningstar

    themourningstar Active Member

    Hi guys, it's been awhile!

    I love snakes in general, and I actually tend to like the patterns and coloration of retics over burms, so please don't take the title of my post as my preference. I personally own two burms, and I chose to buy them because in my experience, and from the majority of what I've read, they are friendlier.
    I have recently begun looking into buying a more expensive burm, to maaaaaaaaaaybe possibly try to breed. Once I started looking, it seems like there ia a huge shortage of burms out there, and that they don't seem to have the variety that retics do. I live in Houston, and here, both snakes require the same permit, so legally it isn't any different. Why then, does it seem like retics are more commonly available? Maybe I'm missing something obvious (The Everglades...), but I thought I'd see if anyone else knew.
    Thanks in advance peoples!
  2. DwarvenChef

    DwarvenChef Elite Member

    With the new law keeping big snakes from crossing borders a few breeds are now a bit lopsided in availability. It's very regional now...
  3. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    Burms and 3 other species were added to the lacey act, which prohibits moving them across state lines for any reason. That pretty much killed the trade, and most breeders aren't breeding and/or have dumped their stock. Another issue is people not wanting to buy them, because if you move out of state your stuck leaving your beloved pet behind. I kinda in a fix on this myself, I want another burm badly, but I would also like to move down south eventually to get away from winter.
  4. themourningstar

    themourningstar Active Member

    I was actually able to answer this for myself with a bit of google fu. This is such bull crap. :mad: A measly DOG is soooooooo much more dangerous, but such is life- the government tells us what to do, and we have nothing to do but obey. :/ Thanks for the replies people!
  5. CryHavoc17

    CryHavoc17 Elite Member

    Hopefully USARK will come through with their lawsuit to end regulation through the lacey act. Im not banking on it, but I am cautiously optimistic
  6. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, I'll keep hoping but it's much easier to get a law passed than to get rid of a bad one. Even if they win, it'll take at least a couple years with the way the courts work.

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