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Whites Tree Frog - Help Needed!

Discussion in 'Amphibian - General' started by lpradels, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. lpradels

    lpradels New Member

    Hey guys, I need some help! I have an 8 year old whites tree frog. I was recently out of town for two weeks, had a friend watching her and my other animals. Last night I was holding her and noticed that she has an ulcer/sore where her left leg normally sits. I can't tell if its new, or old and trying to heal, since it is hidden when she sits. I called our local exotic vet who had seen our Iguana in the past and they do not take amphibians, I emailed them photos and they said they would try to get back to me later. When I first rescued her 8 years ago she had Red Leg, I treated her with Tetracycline successfully. I am hesitant to do that again since this is not the same issue. Has anyone seen this before? Any advice? I plan to move her to her own tank (she is in with a male right now) on just paper towel so I can keep her enclosure as clean as possible until she heals. I would greatly appreciate any feedback/advice anyone has. I really do not want to lose her!

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