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White Kneed Tarantula

Discussion in 'Arachnids General' started by Og_, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. Og_

    Og_ Elite Member

    I just traded in my Chilean Rosehair for a White kneed! I'm hoping I'll have a much more interesting Tarantula setup!
    On one website, It was declared a "Pet Rock" was more interesting than a Chilean Rosehair.

    After more than six months of having one, I have to agree!!!

    They are very docile (Chilean), But a pet Moth would be more interesting!

    Believe me! A live Chilean rosehair is about as good as a plastic replica!

    The white kneed gets big enough to eat small rats and birds.
  2. Lyn

    Lyn Elite Member

    HI there....I use my rosehairs all the time for my exotic presentations. They are easiest to handle and the kids love any type of BIG HAIRY SPIDER lol.... dont knock the rosehairs.mine also have eaten pinky mice once in a while...I also have an unhandleable mexican redknee but she is just a showpiece....well until Steve decides to grab her and hold her....(wont be me attempting it LOL) enjoy!!
  3. nicole

    nicole Elite Member

    Small rats and birds:eek: :eek: Oh my, thats pretty creepy to me, lol. Please forgive as I am working on my fear of spiders, well trying anyway, to no success, lol. But congrats on your new one.

    So tell me when they eat the rats or birds is it the same waythey eat bugs and such?
  4. Lyn

    Lyn Elite Member

    Yes Nicole, they grab and suck all the fluids out with their fangs.... mmmmmmmm LOL
  5. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    Soooooo, I guess I am likely not the only one wondering this....but where are the pics? lol I was under the assumption when I opened this thread I would be viewing a white kneed tarantula. lol

    Hopefully it is more active than the rosehair.
  6. nicole

    nicole Elite Member

    OmG:eek: :eek: are you serious!!!!!! I do not feel so well at the moment. I am so glad they are not native here, I would have likely dropped dead of a heart attack by now :D
  7. titus

    titus Elite Member Premium Member

    Congrats. Trantulas make great pets. What white knee did you get Acanthoscurria geniculata or N. Chromatus are the common ones.
  8. furryscaly

    furryscaly Elite Member

    Good luck with the white-knee! And yes, what kind is it? Also keep in mind that tarantulas in general don't do much, and that the main difference is that some will tolerate handling and others will not. I keep a variety of species and my fish are probably more fun if you want to watch them do anything, but I still love the spiders.
  9. Sean Boyd

    Sean Boyd Elite Member

    I love rose hairs. How old do they have to be to have pinkies?
  10. Lyn

    Lyn Elite Member

    Hi Sean,

    It is not necessarily age but more size that will tell you if pinkies can be handled. My rosies are adult size and will take a live pinkie mouse. My redknee can take a pinky rat! That is the difference in size for that!
  11. Og_

    Og_ Elite Member

    Hey, I loved my Clilean when I first got it. It is very docile! You can let it walk around on you. You don't have to worry if it is going to sink it's fangs into you when you open the cage. It did eat (Slurp) a pinkie once.
    All spiders inject a venom into its meal. They don't have a mouth to chew its food. The venom breaks down just about everything inside into a protein soup that the spider sucks up.
    I fed the Chilean a pinky and all that was left was a membrane of skin that was carefully folded up then discarded.
    They are the "Perfect" starter T. Children can hold them. They are excellent for educational purposes. People can OOH and AAWWW at them with safety. exept when they fling their hairs at you (Urticulating Hairs, Is that the term?), It's like bumbing your arm against a small cactus.
    The white knee is more agressive toward humans and gets a lot bigger. They have a more observable behavior. But I'm not going to be handling it. At least not without gloves.

    I don't have any pic's yet. Right now it is less than two inches. not even 25% of it's mature size. I would need a good camera with a "Macro" lens to get a good shot.
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