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Where's The Best Place To Get Reptiles

Discussion in 'Help *General*' started by Notta, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. Notta

    Notta New Member

    I'm going to either purchase a bearded dragon, or a species of gecko like crested or gargoyle. All thats left for me to figure out now is where to get them, and what age. What site do you recommend to order one from? Or should I try local pet stores, there's a pet supermarket near me I think. And what age should I get it.
  2. Lori68

    Lori68 Established Member

    I wouldn't go to a pet store to be honest. My reason for saying that is most pet stores care very little about the animals well being, its mostly just about the sale and getting your I have a bit of a hate for most. Not all though, just most.

    Have you considered looking at reptile rescues locally to yourself? There are always animals looking for good homes and by adopting one from a rescue, you not only give a deserving one a home but you can get more information on care. They also can match you up with an animal that is better suited to what you can provide for and what you want out of the experience. Not all rescues are great either but they are a lot better than pet stores!
  3. Lori68

    Lori68 Established Member

    Above all, do your research on their care requirements before getting any lizard. That is the main thing, to know you can confidently provide for its husbandry and diet needs. Can you provide for it in its entire lifetime. Are you able to commit to an animal that has the potential to live for 20 years. Do you plan on moving around a lot and if so, can you see yourself taking the animal with you to your new home.
  4. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    Do a Google search for reptile shows in your area. You might be surprised what comes up. I too tend to stay away from pet stores, and while there are some good ones, Lori68 is correct in that many care far more about selling you an animal and as many accessories as they can rather than making sure you will be successful. If you can attend a show, you'll find better prices, be able to buy directly from a breeder in most cases, and generally get a healthier animal. If that isn't an option for you, I would pick the species then search for a local or semi-local breeder of that species. They will usually be happy to help you figure out caging and whatnot, and answer questions after the sale as well. And finally, if you just can't get what you want locally, there is nothing wrong with ordering online from a breeder or reseller. I'm not going to endorse any of those on here, I've only ever dealt with 2 places, and those not enough to be totally sure they are consistently good. One is LLL Reptile out of California. Never actually ordered from them online, but have seen and bought some of their animals at a large show near me. The other was Ben Seigal Reptiles, out of Florida. Bought both directly from their brick and mortar store down there and online. Never had any issue with either one, but I haven't got a ton from them either.
  5. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    That is a wide range of different care requirements for the lizards you have mentioned.
    Not to mention different enclosure sizes for adults.
    Just something to think about.
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