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Where Can I Buy a Cape Dwarf Chameleon from ???

Discussion in 'Chameleons' started by Pidaloo, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Pidaloo

    Pidaloo New Member

    I have just spent about £180 on a 25 gal (18"W 18"D 24"H) rainforest setup and a cabinet and am trying to make my mind up about what to put in it ??? to start i thought about pygmy leaf chameleon but then i heard that they get stressed an die if held to much :s then i thought maybe i should stck to geckos as i have some Leopard geckos, a pair of phelsuma madagascariensis grandis (seperated),and a pair of cresties not that there boring but i want to try something more challenging and i thought chameleons small but not to small so i thought cape dwarfs but cant find a seller ? any one knwo ow much they sell for and were i could buy them from ?


  2. titus

    titus Elite Member Premium Member

    As of now I know of no importers of Dwarf Capes. I know caudalis_sa had planned on, or knew of someone bringing them into Hamm, Ge. last summer. But the price would be very high as it was their first time bing imported. Dwaf leaf or stump tailed chamelons are easy to keep but any chamelon will get stressed if handled more then needed. Helmeted chamelons also stay small but are harder to keep. With the size of your cage. If you really want a chamelon go with a small group of stump tails. Anything else would grow too large. They have a short life span but repoduce well in capivity and can.. well almost should be kept in groups.

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