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Wher to look

Discussion in 'Boas *General*' started by dcboas, Apr 3, 2004.

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  1. dcboas

    dcboas Elite Member

    I have a problem.I am very interested in getting a pair of dumerils,but they are not that common here,direct me to where I could find my happy place... :)
  2. Lionfishy

    Lionfishy Elite Member

    WELL... you can try and take a look on craigslist or at a local adoption center. It is always better to adopt a pet in need then to buy one only to help the seller make money.

    you can also post a WANTED add on craigslist and if anyone has any that they wana sell or give away you will be notified.

    hope this helps.
  3. Fran

    Fran Veteran Member

    Contact Tim at He is up in your area and I believe would know what's available. Tell him that I told you to email him. I would be glad to help you out as I have 2 sub-adult pairs and an extra adult female but that would also involve shipping. Also you can be saving your pennies (as there is no such thing as a cheap dumeril) for the big Raleigh show. Here's my big girl!
  4. Fran

    Fran Veteran Member

    I'm sorry. I forgot the most important part. The Raleigh Show will be May 1 & 2 at the Dorton Arena, State Fairgrounds, Raleigh NC
  5. dcboas

    dcboas Elite Member

    Hey Fran,thanks.I will be attending the Raliegh show,cant wait.Will you be coming up?It would be great to meet you. :) Ill look around and let you know...
  6. redgirl77

    redgirl77 Elite Member

    Oh I loooove Dumerils! They are on my wishlist...
  7. dcboas

    dcboas Elite Member

    me ,too.the patterns and the colors just get to me.everyone i have handked was so calm and easy tempered
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