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Whats The Best Fluorescent Uv Light For A Green Anole.

Discussion in 'Anoles' started by AdrianJDM, May 12, 2017.

  1. AdrianJDM

    AdrianJDM Member

    I just wanted to know what fluorescent UV light i should use for my green Anole and where to buy it.
  2. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 UVB lights will work. You can grab one at just about any pet store. They are good for around 6 months and will need to be replaced. Ideally you could invest in a UV Meter and would be able to determine exactly when the light needs to be replaced. 6 month intervals are suggested though when you don't have a meter.
  3. AdrianJDM

    AdrianJDM Member

    Sorry i took so long to reply was having internet issues.Anyway i will buy Reptisun light as soon as i can.Also it seems like they dont have a 18" light and thats the size of my fixture
  4. Qwerty3159

    Qwerty3159 Elite Member

    Amazon has 18 inch bulbs. Sorry I can't send a link I'm on my phone and it's giving me issues.

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