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whats the best bedding for a CWD

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by lisa82, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. lisa82

    lisa82 Elite Member

    hi guys

    just a quick question at the moment my cwd had moist bark which we buy locally the thing is he sometimes attempts to eat the stuff and as you know its not exacty soft. the thing is i would like to change this to a softer bedding for his comfort and saftey.

    what type of bedding would you suggest for buddy?

    all advice appreciated


    lisa :rolleyes:
  2. venus

    venus Founding Member

    Here are a few from Tricia's site...

    Sterile soil and playground sand mixture; sterile soil and cypress mulch, or orchid bark mixture; Astroturf with bound or melted edges; bed sheets; newspaper, or butcher paper; paper towels; ceramic and tile.
  3. TheGreenMan

    TheGreenMan Elite Member

    i use eco earth or bed-a-beast. its good aslong as you dont let it dry up. but if you mist it its not a problem.
  4. sly puppy

    sly puppy Member

    Eco Earth Is That A Shop Item ?

  5. joe_crash

    joe_crash Active Member

    I use Eco Earth. It comes in compressed blocks or bricks, and you can usually get it at your local pet store. I use it alone for my snakes. I've heard of people mixing it with cypress mulch or douglas fur barke to make it more appealing for Lizards like yours. It does hold moisture well and that's the reason why I use it for my constrictors. Usually once a week I will pour some water on it and mix it up by hand in the tank. That way I don't have to mist their tanks everyday. When you buy it, it wont look like there will be enough, but remember the bricks are compressed and when you add water to them, they absorbe all kinds of water & will be more than you need. I store my extra bedding in ziplock bags. I've done 3 cages with one brick of that stuff. It's great! hope this helps
  6. sly puppy

    sly puppy Member

    Thanks for the replies thats very helpful I am thinking that mixing some Eco and bark will be the way to go.

    is it expensive ?

    Have already got the bark .

  7. joe_crash

    joe_crash Active Member

    Hello again Sly,
    I've purchased Eco earth blocks for around $7.00 for a pack of 4 bricks. That goes a long way. Like I said, I've done 3 snake cages with one brick. Good luck!!!
  8. sly puppy

    sly puppy Member

    Thanks Joe , I will get some and give it a go the man in the shop also recommended mixing sand in there too so I may have to do a bit of a mixture.

    Also what about the vitamins and the minerals getting conflicting storeis across the internet and as its my 1st don't want to do anything that be troublesome...any tips on what works well?

  9. maggieg

    maggieg Active Member

    I use the eco earth with our frogs, it maintains your moisture and level of humidity well, we mixed it with other stuff for the look. Our water dragon enclosure is a huge oak cabinet, the walls are lined with bamboo and in the bottom is a full aquarium and then he has 2 resting levels also lined in bamboo and sticks everywhere for climbing the levels, he climbs right up the wall. And there are bonsai trees and vines of leaves. We use the fogger in the water and a bubble stone which he loves to float above.
  10. sly puppy

    sly puppy Member

    Sounds really neat how big is your cabinet ? sounds big !

    Doesn't the water dragon try trashing the bonsai ?

  11. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    Do you have pictures of this enclosure? I would LOVE to see it.
  12. The JD

    The JD Elite Member

    Is there any other good alternatives to Eco Earth? It's what I use currently but when she takes a dip in the tub and then muddles around in the Eco Earth, she gets covered in the stuff. And then if she goes back into the water, it gets filled with Eco Earth. Right now its not a problem because I clean the water by hand daily but I'm in the process of building a large vivarium which will have a 50 gallon tank and two filters and I'm afraid the Eco Earth will clog the filters. Is it possible to do some kind of a soil and then a mold or something semi-solid to cover the top so it won't get all over her? I'll most likely do soil because I plan on putting a plant or two in it.


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