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What Will I Need for My New Hog?

Discussion in 'Hog Island Boas' started by jezabella1982, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. jezabella1982

    jezabella1982 Well-Known Member

    i have a 4o something glass aquarium with a metal mesh lid with clips and thats it so far.
    does anyone have any suggestion on what else i need?
    the boa i believe was born in december......

    also anyyyy other info on these snakes will be greatly apprectied as i am trying to learn as much as i can.....:)
  2. andys3ballpythons

    andys3ballpythons Elite Member

    hides, lighting/heating, source of humidity, substrait, i would do plexiglass over the sreen lid with holes cut out for the lights so your humidity stays correct, maybe something to climb on, and eventually probably a larger enclosure, i dont have a hogg but thats some of the basics
  3. jezabella1982

    jezabella1982 Well-Known Member

    i was actually thinking of plexiglass also....thanks!

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