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what was your first herp

Discussion in 'General' started by furryscaly, Jul 20, 2005.


What was your first herp?

  1. Lizard

    96 vote(s)
  2. Snake

    75 vote(s)
  3. Turtle/Tortoise

    51 vote(s)
  4. Crocodilian

    0 vote(s)
  5. Newt/Salamander

    10 vote(s)
  6. Frog/Toad

    30 vote(s)
  7. Other

    5 vote(s)
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  1. titus

    titus Elite Member Premium Member

    My first was a California Kingsnake we had caught and kept for a couple of months before relocating him. The field he was living in was developed into a park. We also had alot of Garter running around at that time. First bought was Dart frogs (P. Vittatus, E. tricolor, and D Ventrimaculatus) but I'm moving back to snakes.
  2. Disturbedcries87

    Disturbedcries87 Elite Member

    my first one was actually a yellow scorpian that my dad caught at work when i was around 8 or 9 not to long ago. i just know it was yellow and it was a scorpian. Once my mom found out i had to let it go.
  3. TaintedAngel

    TaintedAngel Active Member

    I was gullible

    My first happened to be a retic. I didn't know a whole lot about snakes in the first place when I bought him. I think that pet shop owners need to inform people about what they are buying rather than sell them to whoever is sucker enough to buy them...:eek: When I began doing the research on the care and keep of my new snake I, needless to say, got a little worried. I had him for about 2 months. He grew from a little less than 2' to almost 8' in that time. Thankfully, I was able to place him in a home where he would have his own "room" rather than waking up and finding my son missing (who was two at the time)...hehe. I have learned to do a lot of research BEFORE the buying process so I won't get in the position again...hehe
  4. joeking

    joeking Elite Member

    First and only California king. I just searched retic because I don't know a lot about snakes and're crazy!
  5. Big Daddy

    Big Daddy Elite Member

    my first herp

    My first herp was a green iguana. I bought it as a baby from a local pet store with no clue on what i was doing, but some books from the library( internet wsnt available then!) and we got along great. I got bit once trying to round him up after he escaped in the house,man he was fast. Oscar went just about everywhere with me clung to my shirt. Anyway about a year later whenn I moved out of my dads house and back to my moms, my step-dad thru a fit about me having him and let him go one day I was at school.:(
  6. Woman

    Woman Elite Member

    What was your frist herp?

    Well my frist herp was a turtle and it was a red ear slider and man they are a lot of work. It was full grown and I had a 40 gallon long for her and cleaning that tank out was no fun for me. But one day she died and she was my very frist herp and I was so hurt but she is in a good place now with God. Holly:)
  7. Paige

    Paige Elite Member

    I think mine was an Organ newt. I had two. They had a orange belly. It is hard to think back that far, lol.
  8. wish22

    wish22 Member

    In the 2nd grade, I caught a toad and kept him in my lunchbox...when my mother found out, she made me let the toad go and got me a new lunchbox. She was not happy! In the 4th grade, I was away at girlscout camp and smuggled a newt home with me. I guess at that point, my Mom gave up. However, once he passed away, I didn't get anymore herps until I was on my own in college. I started off with Salamanders, moved on to swifts, geckos, anoles, then eventually onto Iguanas, snakes and a turtle, which I still have. A few years ago, I did have a toad brought back some fond memories!
  9. lemacken

    lemacken Member

    My first

    I got into the bug and reptile craze by my younger sister . She's a teacher in elementary school . Part of her grade school instruction is raising bugs and reptiles in the class room. I started out with Vietnamese Walking stick bugs and Indian walking stick bugs. Then I acquired an Australian Prickly bug and a Preying Mantis sp?
  10. Caleb the Herper

    Caleb the Herper Active Member

    Mine was my ball python, George, and he is still alive and kicking!
  11. MRHickey

    MRHickey Elite Member

    african dwarf frogs, I kept them in a community tank with a corydorus cat fish, small group of neons, pleco, and a few black skirt tetras, I had them for a few years, unfortunately I did not have a lid that sealed onto the edges of tankso they got out, and I managed to find them on the floor a few days later under the tank stand, god knows how they got under there.
  12. HerpO'Haulic

    HerpO'Haulic Member

    My first herp was a cane toad.
  13. TBone

    TBone Member

    Fire bellied toads for me. I actually started in aquariums. I ditched the butt ugly fake decorations a few weeks after. Got into planted aquaria. Joined a planted tank site, wich has a paludarium section. So I browsed that untill I got enough information. Then I got into FB toads from there. The future is uncertain from here but I'm sure my house will become a rainforest yet!
  14. Marine

    Marine Elite Member

    Mine was a firebelly newt when I was around 9 or 10, had him a few years, went on vacation over the weekend, came back to find him gone out of his tank, a few months later, found him upstairs!!! :eek: in my moms' shoe closet half eaten and completed dried...I guess he got upstairs from the cats we had, even tho, I had left his cage in the bathroom, to keep the cats away, I guess it didn't work, he somehow climbed out and escaped under bathroom door :( and I guess the cats got him and carried him upstairs, and then he barely escaped into my moms closet!
    I have always loved animals, mostly cats and marine fish-gee go figure with my name huh (Coral Marine)LOL, all my life and had gotten into gerbils as pets when I was a teen. Then about 5 years ago I got my first snake-an albino banded California kingsnake. And it was like "pringles chips!" Yo can't just have one! LOL! And now I have lots of critters! Marine
  15. Miss_Unique

    Miss_Unique Elite Member

    My first herps were three turtles (Not sure of the species). I have still got the same three turtles since 2001.
  16. furryscaly

    furryscaly Elite Member

    Could you form a thread with some pics or descriptions of your turtles? I'd love to be able to figure out what kind they are. Not just becaue it will be fun, but knowing what species you have is important so you can know if you're providing the proper care. Are they wild caught?
  17. joe_crash

    joe_crash Active Member

    Well, I've had the misc. Frogs & turtles when I was a kid, but I don't really count them. LOL They didn't make it very long. I just recently got back into the hobby of keeping herps (snakes mainly)and I want to say that my first snake was my RedTail Boa. I know, probably not the best choice to start out with, but what the heck?!!! I now have the following and they are doing great.
    1.0 Burmese Python, Het Albino
    2.1 Ball Pythons, one is a rescue and is healing well
    1.1 Corn Snakes, Snow and Albino
    0.1 Suriname Red Tail Boa
    1 Checkered Garter Snake
    1.1 Leopard Geckos
    1 Green Anole
  18. KrokadilyanGuy3

    KrokadilyanGuy3 Elite Member

    I asked my grandmother to help me remove this.. Thing.. I found inside this cool looking rock I found in an alley. I was 5.

    I still have this rock, which has fathered several smaller rocks.

  19. starhawk_09

    starhawk_09 New Member

    my first reptile(s) were 2 common agamas. I bought them from a pet store and they were loaded with worms and we had tried treating them, but they died after a month.
  20. Reptile Freak

    Reptile Freak Elite Member

    Mine was a baby leo when I was 6. Now I have kept all sorts of lizards and still have the original leopard gecko.
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