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What Type of Leo's?

Discussion in 'Leopard Geckos' started by frobergs2, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. frobergs2

    frobergs2 Member

    Some of you are so smart about this stuff, I figured it might be easier to just ask...if someone could tell me what type of Leo's these are? We got both of them this Spring, both seem much better off than they did when my son and I got them (from the dreaded Petco, which I now know not to do), their tails have plumpened up a lot. They've been a lot of fun for us, love the little things!

    This is Lizzie, adult female. She's a psycho, very funny, and a crazy hunter.

    This is Nani, Juvenile, unknown sex. We got him as a baby in May. He's still pretty shy, not a great hunter, but he gets the job done eventually.
  2. jkxy

    jkxy Elite Member

    So you say you bought both of these at Petco? They are beautiful. I love heavily spotted Geckos like Nani.
  3. jabberwocky

    jabberwocky Elite Member

    im no expert either, the top one looks like a hypo tangerine carrot tail baldy (or something along those lines) and the bottom one is a normal possibly lavender. basically you got some decent genetics at petco prices. lucky:)

    if you could take an overhead pic of the top one's pattern we could get a better idea.
  4. backwoodsgecko

    backwoodsgecko Elite Member

    Nice geckos!

    Lizzie is a SHTCTB (super hypo tangerine carrot tail baldy).
    Nani is an abberant High Yellow, possibly a Mack Snow.

  5. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    Those are very beautiful.

    Lizzie is a SHTCTB

    Nani is in fact a Snow ( I say this with 99.9% accuracy)
  6. frobergs2

    frobergs2 Member

    Thank you all so much for the help! Love that.

    Yes, both from Petco. This Nani is actually Nani #2. We bought Nani #1 and enjoyed him so much, we wanted another. The airhead at Petco that we bought Lizzie (the adult) from told us it would be alright to put an adult in with our existing baby gecko, which I obviously now know is a HUGE mistake. Nani stressed out, stopped eating, and after finding this forum, I separated them and started syringe feeding, etc...but it was too late. I found him dead one morning, and drove all over the state to find a look alike baby gecko so that my son wouldn't freak out. I just felt so guilty for not researching the info that I should have looked up before buying #2, I didn't want to explain it to my son. Luckily this one was close enough in markings.

    Anyway...Nani (the juvenile) has turned yellow in his midsection. Can I assume that will keep spreading as he grows? He hasn't had much change in his markings yet, we've had him since May. He's still cute as a **** button.
  7. lexy456

    lexy456 Member

    sorry to intrude but do you have any idea what type my boy samurai is? i also got him from petco (huge mistake he has something wrong with his leg) and lizzie and nani are quite beautiful i must say!!!


  8. backwoodsgecko

    backwoodsgecko Elite Member

    Samurai looks like a Tremper Albino, though a clear eye pic would allow me to be sure what albino strain he is.

  9. lexy456

    lexy456 Member


    also i have a baby named suki



    anyone have any idea what she is?
  10. backwoodsgecko

    backwoodsgecko Elite Member

    Suki is a Murphy Patternless.

  11. jabberwocky

    jabberwocky Elite Member

    ah missed the super. i think i did pretty good for not actually keeping leopard geckos:)
  12. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    No worries it takes a little practice :D....However try telling what's what using ball python morphs :eek:

    Backwoods Gecko is absolutely correct;

    Samurai - is in fact an albino of sorts.
    Suki - Is most deff a Murphy's Patternless.

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