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What Reptiles Can Be Kept In A 40 Gallon Breeder?

Discussion in 'Lizards - General' started by ryan kelly, May 30, 2018.

  1. ryan kelly

    ryan kelly New Member

    So im going to a reptile show this saturday in hopes of getting a baby blue tongue skink. i have my 40 gallon breeder all set up for the little guy but, blue tongue skinks are not the most common to come by at my local shows, especially babies, so if there arent any that i want to take home i will probably just not get one and try to order one from a reputable breeder this year or next year. that being said, i have that itch for getting a new pet. i was wondering what other kinds of reptiles could be kept in a 40 gallon breeder? since i already have the tank and have it set up with lights and thermostats, id like to put it to use and give an animal a nice home. now before anyone jumps down my throat, im not saying that if i cant find a BTS im just gonna buy something else for the heck of it and throw it in the tank with no knowledge of the animals specific care. if you guys give me any suggestions ill do plenty of my own research on the suggested animals, and only buy one if i feel 100% capable of providing the care he/she needs. so that being said, any ideas? if you had a 40 gallon breeder and wanted to fill it with a new pet what would you get? *just to be honest im not a huge fan of snakes. my girlfriend has a few and i like them and im not scared of them, i just enjoy things with legs more :) (sorry to all you snake lovers. i love them as well and think they are amazing, just not what i want to spend my money on. thanks!!!
  2. Cherux02

    Cherux02 Active Member

    I'd like to see more replies for you on this topic too. I was thinking of geckos (leopard, crested ect) and smaller lizards like swifts and collared lizards. Maybe more than one in a 40. Most bearded dragon owners are using 40 breeders but I don't know if that's a debatable size for dragon enthusiasts. Have a good expo!
  3. ryan kelly

    ryan kelly New Member

    hey thanks! yea i was hoping id get more response as well but i guess its not interesting enough of a topic. crested geckos need a taller enclosure so they can climb so they wouldnt really work in here. i know for sure i could use it for leoprds and berdies, maybe even 2-3 leopards as long as they are all female and i monitor them closely. idk i might be weird but i just really am not into beardies or leopard geckos. they are just so common (not trying to sound like some rebel snop lol) and im sure they make great pets but idk. im really crossing my fingers on getting my skink tomorrow but if not maybe ill just clean the tank out and wait for one to become available. i already have tit set up with repti bark so it would be a huge pain to have to empty it all out and then rebuild it for a leopard or bearde

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