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What Morph Is This?

Discussion in 'Geckos - Other' started by Dillain Stuckey, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Dillain Stuckey

    Dillain Stuckey New Member

    Hello, I recently acquired this juvenile crested gecko from my local PetCo. I picked this one out, because it looked very different than all the others and I also noticed that it had this strange lump on its spine and
    decided I needed to get it away from the PetCo immediately. Could anyone possibly tell me what morph this is? It doesn't seem to really have any pattern other than on its tail, and its tail also looks really scrawny like. At the time of these pictures you can see that it was a gray like color, however most of the time it is a solid off-white color. Also, should I be worried about the lump on its back? Any help is much appreciated.

    image1 (1).jpeg image2.jpeg image3.jpeg

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