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What is Wrong with My Snake?

Discussion in 'Corn Snakes' started by iarerissa, Mar 19, 2014.

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  1. iarerissa

    iarerissa New Member

    - I bought him (probably a girl corn actually but I'm used to saying she is a boy) about 4 -5 years ago from Petco.
    - Currently I keep him in a 20 gallon long tank.
    - I use Aspen Snake Bedding bought from Petco.
    - I have one dome light kept on during the day. It used to be on a timer but the timer broke so I turn it on when I get up and turn it off when it gets dark.
    - My bedroom is naturally really warm so its probably high 70s or low 80s in the cooler areas and mid to high 80s in the warmer areas. I have a pretty cheap thermometer that came with my tank but it seems to be accurate.
    - I try to keep the humidity as close to 50% as I can get it but that doesn't always happen. They humidity seems to lower very quickly. Right now it says 30% after I misted this morning when I woke up.
    - I feed him 1 small frozen rat every 1-2 weeks. This passed week he ate one small rat but it took him awhile to actually want to eat it. He wasn't really interested.
    - He has dry patches of scales all over his body, the scales under his head are a light yellow, his face is probably the driest part on his body, inside his nose looks dry, and his mouth doesn't look like its closed all the way. I looked in his mouth and I don't see anything unusual except the fact that it could be slightly open. I also sometimes hear a little pop when he breaths like there might be water in his nose. He has been dry like this before and I took him to the vet and the vet said it was just a humidity issue so I thought maybe its the same issue. He gets really thirsty but he doesn't drink from his bowl he waits until I mist so he can drink the little droplets. I have cleaned his bowl multiple times with a scrubby and hot water but he doesn't drink much from his bowl. He doesn't even soak himself in his bowl. Also it has been a few months since his last shed.

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  2. KelloggCornsnakes

    KelloggCornsnakes Established Member

    I would soak him every day/other day for about 15 minutes in warm water (not deep enough to swim or drown in!) Also, try putting some warm, wet moss or paper towel under one of his hides. I hope he gets better!
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