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what equipment do I need for a Jungle Carpet Python?

Discussion in 'Carpet/Diamond Pythons' started by mattfien, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. mattfien

    mattfien New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I am planning to house a juvenile Jungle Carpet Python in an Exo Terra 12 x 12 x 18
    ( 30 x 30 x 45 ). The Python will be housed in this terrarium until he outgrows it, regardless of how long that takes.

    At the moment I am trying to figure out the equipment I will need to buy to house the python. I am very keen to stick with Exo Terra as I am very pleased with there products. The terrarium would only have to be heated in the winter as in the summer (in Sydney) it is around 26 degrees Celsius.

    I was thinking maybe a Day & Night LED Fixture in combination with a 20x2ocm heat pad (keeping in mind the floor space of this terrarium is a mere 30x30cm?)

    I would prefer to use a heat mat as the heat source as it doesn't get in the way as much but if this isn't possible then a 40 Watt daytime heat lamp in combination with a Reptile 13 WATT UVB100 both on timers?

    I'm pretty desperate here, I've asked around on a multitude of forums and never quite gotten an answer.

    It would be really helpful if someone could just go onto the exo terra website and tell me what heating/lighting they would get (If they were living in Sydney) If they wanted to house a Jungle Python in a 30x30x45 terrarium

    Any replies would be soooo helpful!

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