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Western Fence Lizard Need Info Stat

Discussion in 'Lizards - General' started by ZionsAlliance, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. ZionsAlliance

    ZionsAlliance New Member

    So awhile ago i found a western fence lizard while working and have it in a medium critter cage with gravel and a water bowl .

    Help needed

    Gender confirmation
    Age guess
    Recommended habitat with links to whats needed 1492336970983448489415.jpg 14923371235281740035082.jpg 1492337151878117792017.jpg
  2. Rapid Lizard

    Rapid Lizard Member

    Hello! It looks like you have a female! If you are new to keeping reptiles, just know they have some specific care requirements, so do lots of research!

    Okay, for setup you'll want to start with at least a 10 gallon tank. You can use paper towels on the floor, but my favorite subrtate is eco-earth coconut fibers. You'll want a good hide, and some branches to climb on. It's also good to provide a small water dish.

    Is she eating at all? It is sometimes difficult to get wild-caught lizards to eat in captivity due to stress.

    For lighting, you'll need both a UVB light, and a heat light. Also, a digital thermometer to make sure the temperatures are right. These are just the very basics, I would recommend reading some care sheets for some of the more specific requirements. Good luck! :)
  3. ZionsAlliance

    ZionsAlliance New Member

    Thanks i have water bowl and cage all i need is lamos and sticks i am using gravel as the flooring
  4. hnw1989

    hnw1989 Member

    It's more likely a male, females are not known to have that brilliant blue color on their bellies.
  5. Rapid Lizard

    Rapid Lizard Member

    I would recommend taking the gravel out, and using paper towels. This doesn't look as nice, but then you won't have the risk of impaction. Also, do you have a UVB light? Without this, lizards can't process calcium, and will use up the calcium in their bones. This leads to many broken bones, and then death.

    It is true that females have less brilliant colors, but they still normally have some blue. Males tend to have a more navy colored blue. Either way, this isn't the most reliable way to tell. Males have two scales at the base of their tails that are noticeably different, this lizard is lacking those. :)
  6. Wolf555666

    Wolf555666 Active Member

    It's a female
  7. amanda swan

    amanda swan Member

    i have a wfl (western fence lizard) and shes need a lot of space i put her in a 15 just to make sure she has alot of room if shes not eating is probably because shes stressed leave her alone dont do anything dont watch dont bother is just feed it and clean its water bowl for a week or two.

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