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Went to the Portland Metro Reptile Expo...

Discussion in 'Shows and Expos' started by BeckyJ, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. BeckyJ

    BeckyJ Elite Member

    and fell in love!

    This guy had an 8yo children's python for sale. I stopped and asked him some questions because I had no idea they stayed so small. I got to hold him, and had the hardest time leaving. The snake didn't want to go back either, just wrapped himself around my arm and wouldn't let go. I know it's just because I was warm and he didn't want to go back into his little display box, but I'm convinced it was because he loved me as much as I loved him. :-" The seller even offered to lower the price from $100 to $75 because he could tell I was in-love and because I was really interested in his care and not just in having him as a show piece. Unfortunately I left him there... I knew it would cause to many problems at home if I bought him, but it was a hard thing to do. :((( I'm thinking that a children's python is in my future though.

    I'm going to regret not bringing him home for a really really long time...

    Do I really need a husband that bad? >:)

    Isn't he purty?

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  2. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    He's beautiful. :)
    But I think you made the right decision. Now that you know what you really like, you can start doing some serious research: save up for the best type of enclosure, etc. and build up some good arguments to convince your husband!
    :) Good luck!
  3. BeckyJ

    BeckyJ Elite Member

    I think I have him talked into getting a baby Mexican black kingsnake though. I have everything I need to keep one comfortably for the first couple of years, so I only need the snake and it's the one snake he really wants. There were several breeders there and I got cards from them. ;)
  4. BeckyJ

    BeckyJ Elite Member

    Yeah, not having a good setup available was a major deciding factor in not getting him. I don't think he would be happy in a 10gal and I couldn't take my rosy out of the 55gal she's been in for the last 19years just to make room for a bigger snake. That would be rude! (Plus she would need something bigger than a 10gal too.. but a baby mexican black would be fine there for a while.. ;) )

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