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Discussion in 'Chameleons' started by DollemanH, May 14, 2012.

  1. DollemanH

    DollemanH Elite Member

    My wife called me today while she was out working in the field (she's a meter reader) just about screaming with excitement. She said "guess what I am holding in my hand right now"? Well with my wife that’s a loaded question. She was always a friend to anything with fur but after meeting me she broadened her horizons even more. So I after a few incorrect guesses she practically sing's she has caught a chameleon. My first thought was she must mean an anole as lots of yankees call them that, but she's been to plenty of shows and watch lots of animal planet o:) . Whenever she has seen them she always giggles and says how much she likes them. After she calmed down enough to tell me the story she informed me that it was just out crossing the road in the middle of nowhere. So she stopped and picked it up and needed me to drop what i was doing and get out to here to get it luckily I have a great boss. Well when I finally got to her the little guy/gal was a little stressed so I made it a temp place until I can get it home and into a proper set up. You just have to love FL. where else can you find a Saudi Arabian animal just out walking the streets and have the right person there to find it. I got to say thanks to the LORD for the new addition to the family. I can’t wait to get him/her home and get the set up all done.
  2. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi, nice story, obviously the Chameleon was walking around Florida looking for your wife, probably heard she was a friend to lonely lost animals. When he/she is settled into the enclosure, can you put some photos up? Thanks! ;)
  3. JoeyG

    JoeyG Subscribed User Premium Member

    That's a cool story! What kind is he? Wonder how many more little guys are out there walking around..... looking forward to some pics :)
  4. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    What kind is it! We need photos :)

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