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Welcome to the Family WTF

Discussion in 'Amphibian - General' started by firechaser4, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. firechaser4

    firechaser4 Member

    I would like to introduce everyone to my newest family member, he (at least I think it is a he) has no name as of yet (it is a point of debate). I am open to suggestions. Here are a few pictures, I just sprayed his home, before I go to bed, that is why it looks a little wet on the sides.

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  2. firechaser4

    firechaser4 Member

    In the one picture, he has a bit of substrate on him, that was taken right after we brought him home. He hopped all around and found every piece of loose substrate. After reading about care of WTFs and asking many questions, we consulted some one in the area who has WTFs and bought the same materials (in less quantity) that he has.

    The one where [he] is in the corner, he just got done eating a yummy cricket, so it was time for a well deserved nap after the hard work of stalking and hopping.

    The other one, the one in the corner, well that happens to be his favorite spot in the ENTIRE world. He spends a lot of time there looking around.

    Opinions and comments are welcomed. Anything to make this little froggy happier, healthier, and [his] life easier.
  3. fire2225ems

    fire2225ems Subscribed User Premium Member

    Yay for WTFs! That actually looks like a female to me, but to be sure, you can always play a sound of the wtf call and see if he replies. He is a cutie!

    One suggestion I would make is to get rid of the stick on dial gauge. Go digital, it is much more reliable. If you hit up walmart or lowes, they usually have a temp/ humidity combo that will even take temps in 2 area, so you would be able to keep an eye on the warm side and the cool side at the same time, and they are pretty inexpensive too.
  4. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    As well as the guage, I would cover up at least the back, if not 3 sides of the tank with some sort of paper. I use aquarium paper, since its pretty and you can get it with plants on it. But any sort of paper would do.

    He could also use some more cover. More fake plants and I would add another cross branch or two. Since they are arboreal, the more empty space, the less they get out of the tank. You have a LOT of empty space. You can use branches you find outside even.

    Here is my tank. (yes, its a BIT more elaborate, but you get the idea. Not to mention I have 6 in there)

  5. kenman1963

    kenman1963 Moderator

    Cute little guy, congrats on the addition.
  6. firechaser4

    firechaser4 Member

    THANKS! We are currently working on the following.

    A:WE got him a friend (it was not planned, but we went into a pet store [not going to name names petland] and they had the frog (of the same approximate size) in the smallest enclosure, alone, and the gauge said "desert" for the humidity (it was dry as a bone in there). After a quick yelling at some store associate, we bought him/her. They are getting along great!)
    B:There are now in a larger space (double original size).
    C:We are getting live plants (found a place that sells aquarium and other appropriate plants that are organic. No chemicals, no fertilizers, no additives, just the plants the way God intended them) and fake plants so that they will be able to climb more.
    D: Just bought nice new background paper with rocks/plants on it. It will look great (thanks for the advice). We also found a great backing at a local pet store (different one) that is more "rock like" and will allow for more climbing and such.
    E: the Digital gauge is A GREAT idea, we plan on doing this very soon.
    F: Addition of a heat mat in order to regulate the temperate more as well as an appropriate basking sun lamp. The sun lamp is on a timer and found a care sheet that said they need about 10-14 hours of light per day. We have it set up for 12 hours per day.
    G: We dust the crickets with vitamin/calcium supplements every 3 feeding and gut load the crickets with a mixed diet.
    H: The substrate in the new home is thicker and made of the same material (this is so the plants will take proper rooting for support when the little guys decide to climb all over them).

    Like always, ANY AND ALL suggestions are welcomed since it only helps me be better at this and helps those little guys more! I appreciate it soo very much!
  7. firechaser4

    firechaser4 Member

    Again, if anyone has any ideas where we can find more plants (no chemicals, additives, fertilizers used), we are more than able to pay for them. Right now we are having trouble finding a pathos (a vine) that will climb up the tank and around the few things we have in there. If you have any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it!
  8. fire2225ems

    fire2225ems Subscribed User Premium Member

    Try going to any home depot, lowes, or garden store. It's Pothos. If you look around in the indoor section you should be able to find it or ask. Once you get it, just be sure to take it home, ditch the dirt it came with, rinse off the leaves and roots and try to get as many of the little white balls off it as possible, then replant in your own additive free soil.
  9. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    It sounds like you are are on the right track. Shell is right about the plant. I actually got mine from the grocery store. :)
  10. Frognut

    Frognut Subscribed User Premium Member

    I'll third that about the plant. I got mine at Home Depot, then came home to find the same darn plant hanging in my kitchen. If I had looked - it still had the identification tag on it telling me how to care for my Pothos!;)

    They are EASY to care for - I just cut some stems off the one in my kitchen, sat them in water and now I have two long vines ready for planting.

    Glad your two frogs are getting along -- they are so much better in pairs - or four's or even fives......:p
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