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Weird Question About Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman

Discussion in 'Crocodilians - General' started by Mel, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Mel

    Mel New Member


    I'm a writer, and I've got a weird question about cuvier's dwarf caimans. This seems to be one of the more active crocodilian forums on the net, and it seems like a couple of people here own cuvier's dwarf caimans.

    So, I'd like to know the average torso length between the front and hind legs. Also the average tail length, head length, and leg lengths, although these are less important. This may or may not be easy to work out (several people on the internet have said they dislike being handled, so I imagine that measuring them would be tough) but even a rough guess (the while body is Xcm long, and the torso is roughly Y% of that) would be really helpful.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help,

  2. KrokadilyanGuy3

    KrokadilyanGuy3 Elite Member

    Wish I could help but I lack having an average sized adult animal.
    Could maybe call up St Augustine Alligator park in Florida and ask them.
  3. Mel

    Mel New Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    I wish I could call a zoo, but I live in NZ and none of the local zoos have a very wide range of foreign reptiles. The cost of calling an American zoo would doubtless be phenomenal. I could maybe try email though.


  4. TigerIvy

    TigerIvy Elite Member

    I can try to call if you want? I live in the US so its no issue for me
  5. Mel

    Mel New Member

    Wow. Thanks for the offer TigerIvy, that's really generous of you.

    I've already sent them an email, so I might wait for a week or so to see if I get a reply, but if I don't, then that would be amazingly helpful.

    Either way, thank you very much for offering.

  6. Mel

    Mel New Member

    Yikes. It feels like I blinked and then a month went by. Still no response to the email, so TigerIvy, if you still wouldn't mind calling them, that would be awesome.

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