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Weird Black Dots on FBT

Discussion in 'Toads' started by Raschelle, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. Raschelle

    Raschelle New Member

    Please help. I have 5 fire belly toads had them for a very long time . I use to have them with my aquatic turtles but the turtles were getting to big so I separated them. But three of my toads have some weird big black smooth spots/rings on there backs, they never had them before so I'm a little concern. Please Help.!
  2. Frogsrule

    Frogsrule Active Member

    Can you post pics of the frogs? Could be a fungal infection. Please give us the following information
    A pic of the frog
    A pic of the enclosure
    Main feeders
    Calcium is it used and how often
    Vitamins are they used and how often.
    When did the symptoms start
    Have the frogs had a fecal exam done.
    Lighting. What kind is used
    Last time the frog(s) ate
    Have you found poop lately? When?
    Describe tank maintainence.
    Any other information that you feel is useful in determining the cause of the issue

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