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Weekend Projects

Discussion in 'HH General Discussion' started by pandorasbox, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. pandorasbox

    pandorasbox Elite Member

    Did anyone else make any fun changes with their collection over the weekend? I had pretty much reached capacity with the tokay I acquired a week and a half ago (who is up 6 grams by the way!). I had the 10 gallon that it is its temporary home carefully angled on top of my crested geckos 30 gallon, which was on top of a bookshelf. I have been wanting to switch to wire shelving for a while and when looking through ads I found that the 5 tier 350lb per shelf shelves were on sale for $32.99 at target (Room Essentials). So I bought 2 of them. I've got one put together so far. Still contemplating the other one and if I want to convert Athena and Hera into sterlites, they are on the other side of the room in two 20 gallon longs. I'll be putting the babies in this system too, but they are still in sterlites in the armoire sharing a big heating pad; I'm going to move them up next week when 2 more heating pads I ordered arrive.


    (The tokays are on the right, 3/4 of the sterlites are empty and the one that has holes in it has Poseidon, and the bottom is Eros, and below him are feeder insects.)

    I think it looks a lot better and once I clean out that armoir I should be able to put the stuff from the old bookshelf in it. AND I did all of that alone. That shelving unit said it required 2 people :p. I think I deserve Taco Bell... How was everyone elses' weekend?
  2. diehardislanders

    diehardislanders Elite Member

    My weekend was good! Thank you for asking. At work on Saturday I got enough 3/4" finish grade birch plywood to make 9 good sized enclosures! All in excellent condition. I am pretty excited about that and already started making two of them. I wanted to set up my roach colony and finish setting up my new carpet python but I did not get around to that this weekend. I did get to experiment with some substrate mixes that I learned alot with, and I got some quality time with a brazen adolescent savannah monitor which is always rewarding.

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