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We Beat HR669!!

Discussion in 'Reptile Law - Legal News' started by David McConley, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    CONGRATULATIONS everyone we beat HR669. Great work, I am proud to be associated with awesome people like all of you!!!!
  2. wgnelson

    wgnelson Elite Member

    Score one for the good guys, (and girls!):)

    It's about time some 'common sense' came to be!:)
  3. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Good to hear not everyone in government is a moron.
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Excellent news!
  5. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    I am SO relieved! I get to keep my pets!
  6. kenman1963

    kenman1963 Moderator

    Awesome, thank god our elected officials listened a bit.
  7. Sinlightened

    Sinlightened Elite Member

  8. Beardie

    Beardie Elite Member

    Oh, thank Gosh! I'm glad that for once the government actually listened! Score for herp lovers and small mammal lovers alike! (And don't forget the fish, or birds or....!):D I'm glad I will be able to buy my first lizard legally!:)

    ~Beardie~ (Woohoo!)
  9. shwknight

    shwknight Elite Member

    DARN...and I was soooo hoping it would pass (said in a sarcastic voice) :p
  10. Lucysfriend

    Lucysfriend Elite Member

    I read online that is was put in reserve? Does that mean it could come back for a vote at a later date? Or was it totally voted down? This is confusing,lol.
  11. Ace

    Ace Elite Member

    YES! I am so happy!
  12. Og_

    Og_ Elite Member

    While the rest of you are patting each other on the back, Please remember that there is a serious situation down here in the south.
    If you people have a snake that outgrows your house and you can't find anyone to take it off your hands, put it to sleep! don't bring it down here!
  13. weinerbagel

    weinerbagel Member

    whats hr669? sorry im a little ignant
  14. Ace

    Ace Elite Member

    Greg, you are right, I was having a hard time not being on the other side of the fence with this issue. Something needs to be done, I just wish that there was a really clear solution......
  15. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    It's hard to separate the responsible owners from the ones causing this problem (the ones releasing their pets) without penalizing those of us who would fight tooth and nail to keep our pets with us.

    If HR669 HAD passed, I'd be draining my retirement fund to try and get whatever permits I might need to continue to keep my babies legally. They are part of my family, and I don't take my responsibility for them lightly. Would that everyone felt as strongly about their pets as most of us here do.

    Once I figure out a way, I'll propose it.
  16. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    Lucysfriend- We did beat it for now, it can come back,but in order for that to happen it has to be rewritten from the ground up. That means we could actually see this again in the future, so we have to stay on our toes.

    Og- I totally agree with you on the fact that there are too many people out there that release large snakes into the wild, along with iguanas,cuban anoles, feral dogs,feral cats,birds,rats and others. That being said I have to believe that the irresponsible owners are in the minority and have given everyone a bad reputation. I also agree with the fact that large constrictors should be better regulated(permits and microchipping). I have two burmese pythons and I have no question that these animals can grow to a large size in length and weight. I am prepared to care for these animals for the duration of their lives or mine whatever the case may be. If they outlive me and there is no one who will take them I have instructed everyone I know of my wish to have them euthanized. This is only to be done if no one else can take them though.
  17. Og_

    Og_ Elite Member

    Maybe they should pass a law requiring pet stores to post all information about the animals they sell, especially the adult size that they will grow to, right there on the the display just like a can of food is required to show it's nutritional information.

    I believe some pet stores are deceptive in giving out details just to make a sale! There are a lot of honest people out there that take the word of the pet store as fact and only wise up after it's too late.
  18. Reptoid

    Reptoid Elite Member

    Viva la herps! I'm glad this was beat down with an ugly stick. Now we can all go back to our (semi) normal life with herps.
  19. Reptoid

    Reptoid Elite Member

  20. California Cowgirl

    California Cowgirl Elite Member

    How is it even possible for someone to find that you have an illegal animal if it does pass next time?
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