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Waterfall in Iguana's Cage

Discussion in 'Humidity' started by brownsunshine, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. brownsunshine

    brownsunshine Active Member

    I don't really no anything about building a cage and having it all work efficiently, but one idea I had was to have a waterfall run on a pump in the cage to deal with the humidity.

    I was thinking of keeping it one of the "shelves" in the corner. I was wondering how I could deal with water possibly leaking over the sides. Should I just build a plexiglass corner and glue the edges? I was thinking I would have the "pool" on the bottom underneath the waterfall in case of dripping.

    Is there a special kind of paint that can be used in several layers to keep the moisture from getting into the wood?

    And on an unrelated note, but another question I have, what is best for a door? Should it be the whole size of the of the cage, or should I have multiple doors to make sure I can get to each part of the cage if needed?

    And also... Our doorway is only 31 inches. Is this too small for the width of the cage for an adult iguana? (The height will need to be 6 1/2 feet)

    Thank you for any and all comments and help.

  2. brownsunshine

    brownsunshine Active Member

    i just wanted to say that it would need to be 31 from the back to the front... i guess that would be depth?
  3. Rakoladycz

    Rakoladycz Elite Member

    When building an enclosure especially for a first time it is best to go simple.
    You don't want to over think it and make it more difficult than it needs.
    A waterfall would help with your moisture but I can't say for certain how best to control the flow of water with out seeing it. Is this a homemade water fall or something from a supplier? If from a supplier and it is flowing over the edges rather than the predetermined path it may be to powerful a pump or is this something that would typically be in the water? In which case you may have to silicone plex to it.

    Other options to help with moisture are drip and mist systems that can be set up easily enough. Most can be set up with out the worry of spills/viv flooding either.

    For openings, that is mostly at your preference. How much viewing and access you want. With mine I am doing sliding panes of glass that will pass by the other. They will span all the way across my enclosure and consume most of my height. The windows then give me full access to whichever side for whatever reason.

    Something you can do for the size is make it in pieces such as a top and bottom halves or front and back halves. And you will have a hard time fitting anything 6 1/2 feet through a door way. May I suggest only 6 ft tall?
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The waterfall is really not practical in an iguana cage. They will lay in it, diverting water everywhere and they will poop in it as well and so necessitate the daily stripping and cleaning of it.
  5. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Sounds like a lot of work for just the daily poop cleaning!
  6. brownsunshine

    brownsunshine Active Member

    Well, the waterfall is only 12 inches high.. and laying in it wouldn't really be option.. as the water falls over ridges. It may be a pain to clean.. it's too bad, because it would to the beauty of the cage. I tried to build one outside for my fish pond... but that was difficult as well.. and gets poop build up inside it. I guess I will look into misters.

    It will be a lot of work no matter what I do unfortunately. This is not something I signed up for either! My husband got the iguana, and didn't have time for her, so being the mother that I am, I had to take care of her because I felt so bad and couldn't stand her sad little looks.

    But one question that I really need answered.. Is 31 inch depth okay? How long would that have to be for this to be too little? When we move I will probably build her another cage, but for now, it's going to have to be slightly smaller than the ideal adult cage.
  7. Rakoladycz

    Rakoladycz Elite Member

    You have to remember that the iguana will need to be able to turn around. and that really isn't that much space.
  8. LLoydene

    LLoydene Elite Member

  9. brownsunshine

    brownsunshine Active Member

    Aww.. I couldn't give her up. I really enjoy her company and want her to be as healthy as possible. Besides, she's used to us now and is better at maintaining a routine. I believe there is nothing I can't handle, and giving her up is not really any option for me. I am intelligent enough to understand what she needs... I just never thought i'd be an iguana owner! Sort of popped on me out of nowhere, but I've loved all the research i've done, and this new project of building her a new cage is great, and she really adds to our non traditional lifestyle.. and oh.. my mother in law hates her.. haha.. Win-Win ;)
  10. brownsunshine

    brownsunshine Active Member

    Yes... I was thinking that though.. her actual body is only 10 inches... and her tail is 21 inches... if she gets twice that size that would be 5 ft total... and that means her body would only be around 2 ft... that would be a half a foot to swing her tail around with her.

    And also.. she spends over half her time out in the house right now. She's not growing at a fast pace, and as i've mentioned, when we move I will build her something that will be her permanent home.

    But- please don't worry.. i'm factoring in how much room she'll have climb, bask, and turn around. Right now with being her medium size, she's going to love her new cage :)

    She's in the tub right now scratching to get out ~ Peace

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