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Water Striders

Discussion in 'Invertebrates General' started by floydfan_90, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. floydfan_90

    floydfan_90 Member

    I have about 30 water striders can they be keped and bred in captivity what do they need for sustenance? They grab fish food but dont seem to eat it just crush it and let it sink do they only eat live food? I wanted to breed them for feeders. Also I found what appears to be a molting but its thicker than I would think it should be do they go thru further metamorphosis? Like just leave their body behind and turn into a water dwelling larva type stage again?
  2. Josh

    Josh Elite Member

    yes they can i had striders once before all i had to do was place a piece of foam cup in the enclosure and they will lay eggs on them it is simple but there will be A LOT more striders when they hatch
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