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Water Dragon Viv

Discussion in 'Vivariums' started by injunjoe, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. injunjoe

    injunjoe Well-Known Member

    I have just completed my first Viv.

    Here are a few pics.

    I thought I would share these for now, details to follow.

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  2. Johnny

    Johnny Elite Member

    This looks pretty cool, I really like the mossy ledges in particular. Is that a water dragon? Either way, he looks pretty cool too, haha.
  3. HydroDragon

    HydroDragon Elite Member

    Neat concept but it looks like it may be alittle empty on the lighting and hiding/climbing space wise. I do really like the look of your rocks. How old is your CWD? he looks pretty big
  4. injunjoe

    injunjoe Well-Known Member

    Thank you.

    There are three light sockets in my hood and a basking lamp towards the bottom on the right. All of the lighting is pretty much hidden from the front window. The lights and water pump are all on a remote control setup. Not that they need to be but it just makes it cool! Each socket can be dimmed from across the room.

    I have yet to photo shoot with the furniture in it.

    The water fall is feed by a 5 gallon pond mounted underneath the unit.
    It has a 1/2" drain with a gate valve for easy cleaning.

    At the top right is a dog door so I can make an outdoor run when the weather is nice, if it ever warms up again!

    More pictures soon. Thanks for taking a look.
  5. HydroDragon

    HydroDragon Elite Member

    Ah that makes more sense. Thats pretty cool that you plan to connect it to an outside enclosure as well. Cant wait to see more pics. What are the dimensions?
  6. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    Very cool viv, InjunJoe! You are very talented.
  7. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    If you are using a mercury vapor UVB bulb, which almost a necessity with a cage that tall, you cannot use a dimmer.
  8. injunjoe

    injunjoe Well-Known Member

    HydroDragon thanks the unit is 4'w x 2.5' d x 5' tall on the inside. It is about 7 foot tall with the hood and the shelf underneath it is also on wheels for easy moving.

    Thank you David for the kind words!

    Merlin thanks I am using a CLF for now and it is not on a dimmer but the basking bulbs are on a dimmer. He has been basking about 11" under the CLF uvb lamp in the morning then moves away as the day goes on.

    I ordered a Mega-Ray 160 SB, a Brightrite Halogen 90 Watt Par38 Flood, and a Mega-Ray HP - 60 Watt Heat Projector.

    When I ordered it said that the 160 was not available, I assumed when they are available it will be sent to me.

    The dimmer/remote system is just to impress friends. I can turn on the water fall by remote also.
  9. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Do you mean CFL compact flourescent light? Those things are next to useless for a cage of any size. Glad to hear that you are getting the megaray.
  10. injunjoe

    injunjoe Well-Known Member

    Yes that is what I wanted to say. Got a little twisted there. LOL

    I got the CFL just to hold him over until I can get the proper bulbs. I do have a basking spot right under the light for now and will move it when I get the Mega-Ray.

    I did not intend on getting this Lizard but felt bad when I seen him in such a little cage at the store. He had one basking light and that was it.

    I was reading somewhere that they test a batch of the bulbs at a time before they send them out. Any idea how long this may take?

    Thanks for your help.

  11. TamJam

    TamJam Elite Member

    The water dragon looks so much like a young green iguana. Must be my eyes and lack of knowledge of water dragons.

    I see green iguanas....!

    The habitat looks wonderful.
  12. injunjoe

    injunjoe Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the complement.

    When I first looked at this guy I also thought he was an iguana. But after looking closer to him I see a lot of color and different shades of green. He is very pleasant to the eyes!

    I made it to roll out to a sun room and have a run outside in the top of my turtle pen. But it looks so nice in the house, I find myself watching it more then the TV, I may just keep it inside.

    Here is a picture of the turtle pen. Wilma sunning herself.

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  13. injunjoe

    injunjoe Well-Known Member

    I thought I would update with a picture of my Viv. with a few plants in it.

    All the plants can come out and be exchanged with backups. Meaning I have plants growing out doors to swap out when the plants in the Viv. are looking sad.

    It is still a little dark in there for pictures as only one bulb is on at the time I took the picture. The Megaray comes on soon. The light you see is just a reflection of my fan light outside the enclosure.

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  14. Lucysfriend

    Lucysfriend Elite Member

    Very happy dragon! :)
  15. HydroDragon

    HydroDragon Elite Member

    Now thats looking very nice! Much more filled out, What did you use to make the rock's? Grout? and did you glue the moss on there somehow or do you just gotta replace that every month or so??
  16. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Wow, now thats very impressive, I think that your water dragon is going to be soo happy. It's like a WD luxury condo or mansion!! can't wait to see with more light.
  17. Spikes the name

    Spikes the name Elite Member

    That looks awsome.
    Great job
  18. injunjoe

    injunjoe Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much for the kind words.
    I tend to go all out for my pets. They are all spoiled, as they should be!

    I will take more pictures of my creation showing my mist system and the pond with a bottom drain going out the wall and into my garden. I am looking around for just the right humastat to automate the misting system. It is now just on a remote control.

    I am somewhat of a hi tec redneck!

    Glad you all like my viv.


    Sorry I forgot to answer your questions.

    The rocks and walls are styro with a mix of Portland cement ( white), unsanded grout, and Flexabond thinset (also white). this mix is strong somewhat waterproof and somewhat flexable to allow for expansion and contraction.

    To finish off the walls and rocks I used Drylock with acrylic craft paint mixed in to seal and add real rock look.

    The moss was stuck over the finished walls with black silicone caulk spread with a squeegee.

    The frame of the unit is just old doors I replaced in my home. It is huge looking yet it is very lite. I am using wood flooring to finish off the face of it but my table saw went south on me. I guess its time to dust off the radial arm!

  19. hawinhb

    hawinhb Member

    I'm making a rock wall out of polystyrene and grout for my CWD. What type of sealer should I use? I would like to make a waterfall out of polystyrene and quickset cement. Do I need to seal the cement?
  20. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    i don't think there is a need to seal the cement.

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