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Watch me tame the beasts!

Discussion in 'Member Photos' started by KrokadilyanGuy3, Nov 11, 2004.

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  1. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    That's some entertaining story-telling Samantha! Watch out, you're probably still on that squirrels hit list... spelled with an "S". ;)
  2. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    I got that beat!

    OK watch ME tame the beasts!
    Yes, that's really me, No, it isn't a petting zoo and I DO NOT feed the animals -- never have, never will and obviously don't need to!
    This beautiful girl and her mother sometimes come to me when I call them and if I lean forward a bit, I can just stroke them on the nose. It's SOOOOOOOO cool! :cool:
    Oh and sometimes the fish have a thing for me too... ;)

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  3. Dominick

    Dominick Founding Member

    LOL, great pic Zane! I dunno how I missed this thread. Here's my Squirrel story:

    When my wife and I first moved into our home we had a few squirrels that lived in the trees in the backyard. We befriended them and began to leave peanuts at the back door for them. In the morning we'd have 3 squirrels climbing all over the sliding door screen waiting for the peanuts. That lead to us actually feeding them by hand. They would actually come right up to us and take peanuts from our hand. It was all so lovely and decidedly suburban nirvana.

    Then it happened.....

    If we left the back door open for any reason, the squirrels would come in the kitchen and make a mess of it looking for peanuts. One day I was outside cutting the grass, shirtless and suddenly I felt something with claws land on my back! I nearly broke my legs jumping over the lawnmower trying to escape whatever it was that was on my bare back! As I tumbled over the mower I looked back to see the squirrels, coming at me. They jumped all over me, biting my hands trying to get peanuts that weren't there.

    Once they had no fear of us, they would literally chase us, or anyone in the backyard, and jump on you trying to get peanuts! We could no longer have picnics or meals on the patio as the squirrels would climb all over the table and us trying to get the food. Guests who had to walk to their cars in our driveway would have to throw peanuts across the yard to divert the squirrels so they could literally run to their cars before they got attacked!

    Then it got worse.....

    Our squirrel family told all the other squirrels in the area about our charity and the entire neighborhood was innundated by squirrels. Boy were our neighbors angry with us! Of course we had taken pictures and bragged to the neighbors about out "trained" squirrels. Now our neighbors houses, sheds and attics were being invaded by squirrels who had no fear of humans. Across the street from me the squirrels were ripping the facia off my neighbors house!

    We were actually issued a warning from Animal Control to stop feeding the squirrels. As if we needed a warning! We had stopped feeding them for months and now the squirrels were angry and wreaked havoc on our house and those around us.

    Took years for all the squirrels to leave. 15 years later, we still have descendents of the original family who have taken over our shed. To spite every effort we make to rid the shed of squirrels, they come back. These are not cute little squirrels, these are squirrels that will attack you if you go into the shed!

    Though the physical scars have healed, the mental scars are far from fixed.

    So, though the picture is cute, I would STRONGLY caution against feeding wild squirrels! :D
  4. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    Good advice Dominik!
    And watch out for docile rhinos while you're at it: you don't want one of those jumping on your back!!!
  5. Dominick

    Dominick Founding Member

    Not sure I would want Rhinos romping in my backyard! :eek:

    Very cool though.

    I wonder when a responsible Admin will come along and close this non-herp related thread? :p

    Great stuff! :)
  6. samantha

    samantha Elite Member

    lol...the squirrel story wasnt me it was something i found on the internet,the owl was me and i am forever scarred by it..... my typing stinks i i can spell just not type. i want A pet squyirrel not hoards of them...we have guineas my gramma made the mistake of feeding outt he window.....well they are as im typing behind me pecking the window making loud thuds for the 3rd time in an hour STARING AT ME. and if you stgick your hand out there to give them food they attack your hand! they also chase my hand from the other side of the window and peck it...but they cant get me nananana;.;.
  7. samantha

    samantha Elite Member

    * sings, cant touch this, dananana cant touch this......i fed them and they are making happy peeps now but if i stick my hand out there he or she not sure charges me with a hatred and fury in her beaty buggy eyes
  8. venus

    venus Founding Member

    OMG those stories are hilarious. Well I am a responsible MOD, lol but I'm not closing it.
  9. boyblue

    boyblue Elite Member

    well, heres my squirrel story.

    during a really big storm in my area a few years back a really big tree fell. after the parks department was done cutting and moving the tree my friends and i found a little black squirrel a couple of trees away. being the only one in my area that likes animals made me its obligatory foster parent. i took this little guy home with me and got him some formula from the local petshop. i owned him for about 3 months and in that time he had grown quite nicely, he even liked to come and sleep in my bed with me right on my pillow.
    well heres were it gets bad
    my cousin came from the navy to visit and me being such a gracious host i gave him my bed while i slept on the couch. maybe i should have told him about the squirrel prepherance for the bed.
    maybe i should have locked up my little friend during the duration of my cousins stay.
    but i didn't do anything differently then usual. the very next morning i heard a shrill scream coming from my room so i jumped up and ran to see what the problem was. i wasn't prepared to see this but .......their he was my little guy laying in the middle of my bed squashed! i was trying to figure out what happened but the only thing that makes sense is that my cousin rolled over on him during the night. i was heart broken.
  10. samantha

    samantha Elite Member

    :( thats so sad :( it makes me want to cry :(
  11. KrokadilyanGuy3

    KrokadilyanGuy3 Elite Member

    Lol, great stories.

    I really didn't have any food, and I am one with the animals.. That and the beast isn't exactly a wild one, persay. It was captive raised and then released in the front yard and lives in the tree that is in the picture.

    I, too, do not agree with feeding wild animals (I constantly have to argue this with alligators here) nor do I agree with the releasal of captive animals, but I thought it was cute to see this guy following me around while we preped for the hurricane.

    Sorry to hear about your animal BoyBlue.
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