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Wanted: Adult Female BD

Discussion in 'Adoptions' started by GiftigeSpinne, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. GiftigeSpinne

    GiftigeSpinne Elite Member

    I am looking to get another Bearded Dragon and I figure if I go with a female I will be safe with spike and her sharing a home because I am not 100% sure of what gender spike is. As far as I know they will not fightif one is a female. And I am open to the fact that there might be babies. :rolleyes:

    The one problem is that I am in ontario , Canada and can only find babies in stores I am close the the ottawa area and the only breeder I know of is in peterborough. If anyone has any info of where I might obtain an adult female Bearded dragon I would apreciate any information you can provide me with. Thanks.
  2. SpeacilK

    SpeacilK Elite Member

    actually, bearded dragons will fight not matter what gender, if housed together. theres a chance they won't, but just as big of a chance they will.
  3. venus

    venus Founding Member

    If you get a baby, of course it cannot go in with a juvie or adult, it will be eaten. when they are similar in size the can be introduced outside the tank,,,,then the best thing to do is re-arrange the tank, so when you put the original beardie in, they will no be as dominaring. But you really need to figure out the sex of Spike before you get another,,its hard to sex hatchlings and even up to six months the sex can different than what orginially stated. 2 females can live together, never 2 males.
  4. GiftigeSpinne

    GiftigeSpinne Elite Member

    I am fairly confident that spike is a male because he has two noticible bulges behind the ventral opening.
  5. grim

    grim Elite Member

    good luck finding the adult female, it took me months of searching to find one that wasn't overpriced... and to make matters worse i didn't want a normal morph so that made it even harder. Also with your situation it may be too cold for anyone to ship you a female. You may want to just buy a baby and grow it to a size large enough to be housed with your other beardy, though its harder to sex babies and you could end up with a male if your not careful. Your situation is kind of unfavorable when it comes to trying to get larger beardies.
  6. GiftigeSpinne

    GiftigeSpinne Elite Member

    Too cold? lol the other day we hit 50 c with the humidex. average temp is usually about 30-40 c here :p and trust me you dont have to ask about my igloo melting in the summer I live in a house... with electicity...yet I cannot deny the steryotype that there atleast 2 Tim Horton's about every sq km lol.
    all that I have been able to find so for was a male BD in a petstore for about $50 more than the babies. oh well
  7. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    You are probably going to find that an adult is going to cost you considerably more than a baby. And females are going to be more than males since one male can service several females in a breeding colony. So they let the mature males go and keep the females.
    Are you looking for a particular morph or just any type?

    And what the heck is a Tim Horton's:confused:
  8. chptsa

    chptsa Active Member

    If your not necessarily looking to breed them, you can check online breeders like Sunshine Dragons, or Fire And Ice. They sometimes sell off the retired breeders for pretty cheap. The colors are awsome too. I've also heard that Sunshine is pretty good at sexing, even at an early age. In my opinion, with the colors they produce, the babies are well worth the money ($150-200). It might be worth checking out. Although I'm not positive about shipping to your area, but I think they do.

    MINNYME Elite Member


    I am in cambridge ontario canada and have a male and female bearded dragon. We are awaiting the hatching of eggs and would gladly sell you one if they ever hatch. We got our from superpet and have been very healthy and no problems. They do grow fast so maybe you could start out with a baby,

  10. Dawg

    Dawg Elite Member

    its just like dunkin doughnuts but timmys has better coffee
  11. Colleen

    Colleen Elite Member

    Just added the third female to the cage with the other two females over the weekend and have no problem what so ever. First they took a bath together while Sean watched for problems. While they were in the bath I disinfected the cage and re-arranged it, put them in and they are fine so far.
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