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Vivarium Build

Discussion in 'Poison Dart Frogs' started by Helios, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. Helios

    Helios Elite Member

    I finally have the chance to to get a dart frog collection going! They're a species I've wanted to work with for a long time, so I'm pretty excited. I remember being a little kid and thinking it would be cool to keep them. At any rate, After my crested outgrew my 12" x 12" x 18" I'd been debating for quite awhile what to do with it. Personally I really like the size, but it's certainly not the most versatile.
    Originally I had considered doing a build for some Ranitomeya spcies, but opted against it since these is my first go with darts. In the end I decided on Leucs.
    The method I used for the build is similar to one recommended by John Clare over on FrogFourm. I've read that Leucs will make use of vertical space; however, in my design I wanted to create platforms in order to try and maximize the degree of terrestrial space that actually exists.

    To begin, I bought some ghostwood. Seems to be really hard to come by, but I found a source that carries it that isn't an exotics company. No pictures, but to start, I used aquarium silicon to secure the wood into place. In order to leave room for the drainage layers of the substrate I kept it a couple inches above the floor.

    photo 2 (6).JPG
    In the above photo, you can see the viv once I've applied the foam to create the background. It was pretty easy to get the shapes I wanted. The idea was to use the wood as a type of "stairway" between all three terraces. In order to get the terraces to protrude the distance I wanted, I let it dry partially in between applications.
    I used a utility knife to carve the terraces once the foam dried. The shapes didn't change much, but basically I made a few troughs and a hide in the lowest terrace since I'm not planning on adding a coco hide or anything similar.

    Again, no pictures of this step, but I added cocohusk and fiber to the background after carving the foam. The substrate is a layer of Josh's Frogs "false bottom, ABG soil mix, and sphangum moss. Still waiting on my leaf litter.

    photo 1 (5).JPG
    Not the best picture, but I'll add more later. You can see the final effect in this case. The plants still need to grow in, but for now I've started with a Virginia blue fern, some philodendron, and the "Chiquita Linda" bromeliad, along with the "Fireball." I may add a couple more plants depending on how things grow in. Definitely a background cover of some sort.

    No water feature in mine as the humidity should be sufficient for hydration. I'm goign to try and get some moss growing as well

    So far it's been a really fun process, and one I would recommend any prospective dart frog keeper really take the time for. Creating the environment is certainly half the fun.
  2. Helios

    Helios Elite Member

    Here's a better shot of the enclosure as it stands now. I have a hood coming so the light won't be directly on the screen...
  3. b-random

    b-random New Member

    very nice I just finished my set up let me know what you think

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