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Vet Visit.

Discussion in 'Reticulated Pythons' started by Hkg, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. Hkg

    Hkg Elite Member

    So I just got back from the vet and wanted to share the news.
    Before for I go any farther I wanted to share what I have seen going on with my retic. He whistles when he breathes all the time. When I rescued a boa he had a whistle and it turned out to be a lower lung respritory infection and he died the next day (I owned him a week) the previous owner of my dwarf reticulated python (apophis) said he had always had the whistle an That it's normal.... Of rather be safe than sorry and get it checked out. And I noticed while in his cage apophis would "sneez" really loud. You know how you squizze a water bottle and the burst of air comes out? It sounds like PUFFFF! The sneezes sounded like that. So I felt that wasn't normal either. An yesterday while holding him he got very limp and inactive. Granted it was rather hot (no hotter than 90°) I think he was exalted to I soaked him in cold water real quick then put him in his cage. But wanted that looked at as well.

    The vet: the vet was nice. I don't really know if she knew what she was talking about. Yes they treat reptiles there but I'm still searching for my forever vet. She said he looked healthy and she listened to him breathe and said she could for sure hear the whistle. But there was no discharge. She said he might of have a injury a while ago and it might effect his breathing forever. She said she's gonna look into the sneeze thing. And I asked about that new python disease that's supposivly killing collections quick.
    The rest of the visit was good other than my parents were there (I'm 15) and they are CLUELESS when it comes to reptiles.. But my dad thinks he knows everything so while the vet was trying to do something to apophis my dad would pick him up and hold him and claim apophis lives him. Hen they would go a against everything I would say and question my every word and made me look like a conplete idiot and I lost my temper. Haha. My mom would ask "is it normal for them to flick their tongue" after two years of living with a corn snake and watching her do it and asking me 100 times when I got the boa and getting the same answer every time. She can't get it through her head that that's how the gather info like smelling. And every time the vet would ask me a question my dad would answer like apophis is his and he knows everything to know about reptiles (apophis isn't his and he knows nothing about reptiles and every time I try to teach him he just acts like he's right and I'm wrong.) so his answeres were 100% wrong. Haha next time they aren't coming.
    So that was my vet visit for this month. I hope the vet knows what she's talking about. Sorry for my ranting.
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Ok one important thing! NEVER put a snake into cold water! It will drop their body temperatures rapidly and that is not good.
    The water should be just like you would put a human baby in.
  3. Hkg

    Hkg Elite Member

    I didn't mean cold, it was more like luke warm. He was just out in the hot sun (not for very long) and his body was pretty warm to the touch. I have him a bath to just get the dirt and stuff off him but I didn't wan to put him into hot water
  4. Hkg

    Hkg Elite Member

    Oh and merlin the vet said he is not under weight,

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