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Vet Visit

Discussion in 'Tokay Geckos' started by dylroche, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. dylroche

    dylroche Well-Known Member

    Will be taking my tokay to the vet in about an hour, haven't handled him at all so I'm curious to see how he will react to me picking him up lol, gonna take a video and will post pics if bit and him hanging on lol... Wish me luck!
  2. Zerp3D

    Zerp3D Elite Member

    Haha, good luck! Why the vet visit?
  3. dylroche

    dylroche Well-Known Member

    just to make sure he is healthy which he is :]! gave me some worm med just to be safe

    i did get bit will post a pic lol
  4. Zerp3D

    Zerp3D Elite Member

    Ah, okay, good!

    Even better! Hahaha ;)

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